No fear of snow and ice, ease of driving enjoy!Corolla Reefer for winter travel escort

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As the Spring Festival holiday is officially over, most Internet users must have gone back to their jobs and started a new work journey.Not long ago, China ushered in a wave of rain and snow weather, snow and ice weather driving, safety is the top priority, and have a “feel at ease” car, will undoubtedly make driving out more confident.On January 20, the Spring Festival is coming, FAW Toyota brings a “warm meal” for the majority of consumers, the highly anticipated “millions of preferred multi-functional urban SUV” Corolla Sharp put on the market officially, the new car guide price of 129,800 to 169,800 yuan, and accompanied by four happiness and good gifts.When the strong product force meets the price of the people and the warm car buying courtesy, Corolla Sharp put has shown the potential of explosive model, will open a wonderful car life for more users.When it comes to COROLLA, we have to say that COROLLA COROLLA keeps pace with The Times and keeps evolving since the birth of the first generation model in 1966. It sells well in more than 150 countries around the world. The cumulative sales volume in The Chinese market exceeds 4.5 million and the global sales volume exceeds 50 million.Become the undisputed “king of sedan chair” in the global market.In 2019, the 12th generation corolla was officially listed in China. Empowered by TNGA architecture, it has achieved a complete innovation from r&d, design to procurement and manufacturing, and sold 330,280 units in 2021, continuously defending the king status of the sedan.The Corolla Is not only a new member of the Corolla family, but also another blockbuster of TNGA architecture. Naturally, it also inherits the extremely powerful Safety core of this architecture, with a high-strength GOA body and up to 9 SRS air capsules. At the same time, the whole system is equipped with the new generation TOYOTA Safety Sense.PCS pre-collision safety system, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, LTA lane tracking assist system, AHB automatic high beam system, make driving safer in winter.PSC pre-collision safety system, for example, can identify bicycles and pedestrians through millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera, and can reduce the probability of collision or damage by warning, braking control and enhancing braking force.During the first lunar month, when people visit friends and relatives and have dinner parties, the road network is more complex and changeable. This configuration can effectively avoid the risk of collision and make travel more secure.Not only that, Corolla Sharp in high models are also equipped with PVM panoramic monitoring system, through the camera around the vehicle to capture the picture in real time, in the central control screen to the perspective of God, to help the driver more calmly control the situation around the vehicle, reduce the difficulty of parking, avoid scratches.What makes people feel warm in winter is not only the strong safety, but also the TOYOTA Connect system, which is equipped with the whole system and becomes the “warm man” in winter. It provides better car experience with technology.In cold winter, users can download FAW Toyota mobile phone APP to remotely start/close the air conditioner in the car, so that each time before going out, they can enjoy the feeling of warm air stroke in advance, which is quite practical for women or children who are afraid of cold.In addition, when leaving the vehicle, if you forget to lock the car, close the window, turn off the light, etc., you can still remotely close the car through the APP.In addition, the mileage, fuel consumption, status and other information of the car can be accurately checked through the APP to know the vehicle condition at any time.It is worth mentioning that The Toyota Zhihang Interconnection system also supports intelligent voice recognition. Users can listen to songs, change channels, receive and make phone calls and other operations through voice commands, so that they can “move their mouth instead of hands” and focus more on driving.Large space and strong power, “multi-functional city SUV” deserves its name as a multi-functional city SUV featured in the home, Corolla Sharp fang has excellent space performance, its length * width * height of 4460*1825*1620mm, wheelbase up to 2640mm.With the leading body size at the same level, the front head space is 105mm, the rear head space is 87mm, the back seat Angle can be adjusted to support 2 gears, which improves the ride comfort.It is worth mentioning that, in order to facilitate the back row passengers calmly and gracefully get on and off the bus, its opening height reaches 787mm, which also reflects the originality of FAW Toyota’s design in details.In terms of storage, the trunk of the Corolla has a capacity of 438L, and the height of the trunk has been optimized so that women can easily carry items.When the back seat is put down, the vehicle storage capacity will achieve a leap again, large size boarding boxes, bicycles and so on can be easily loaded, and even for relatives and friends to prepare “New Year goods”, can also be taken away at a time.In terms of driving performance, the whole corolla Reefer is equipped with a powertrain of “2.0L+CVT”, the maximum power of the engine is 126kW, the maximum torque is 205N·m, and the overall fuel consumption (NEDC) is as low as 5.9L/100km, achieving the dual advantages of power performance and economy.Moreover, thanks to the ultra-low center of gravity design of TNGA architecture and more sharp chassis adjustment, the whole vehicle suspension is rigid and soft, which not only has small turn and roll, but also has excellent shock filtering ability and high sense.In addition, the minimum turning radius of 5.2m allows it to have a more flexible and vigorous posture, and it can walk from street to street, park and turn around more easily, which is very suitable for urban driving.The launch of the Corolla Is undoubtedly bringing warmth to the cold winter and a good start to the 2022 car market.Some people say that the Corolla Regency combines the excellent quality of corolla and the utility of SUV models, which perfectly interprets the essence of the charm of corolla Regency.Impeccable security strength, intimate and practical intelligent configuration, spacious and comfortable space performance and strong and efficient power system, give Corolla Sharp put superior product performance at the same level.In the New Year, with Carola Ruifang, “determined to live, beautiful bloom”!