On New Year’s Day, the police are new!

2022-05-13 0 By

A new beginning on the first day of the New Year means a new journey are you ready?Lianyungang police first flag associated with the year of the tiger want to go to the new, New Year the first ray of sunshine bright five-star red flag on the 47.5 km distance from lianyungang shore-based island island in the police facing the rising national flag salute solemnly selfless dedication, across the sea watch this is from the depths of the sea to the New Year the first salute on the city’s traffic police bayonet policemen are for vehiclesLine check a sound “hello”, a salute must repeat the action again let visitors and homecoming people feel the warmth of the harbour city and enthusiasm of a police for the first time in the New Year the Spring Festival with their families in police station the police on duty to give up resolutely adhere to in the jobs they busy figure is unique and warm in the Spring Festival scenery patrol for the first time in the new “3, 2, 1, happy New Year!”When the CCTV Spring Festival gala DaoShuSheng ringing in the New Year calendar is a new day can harbour city “night watchman” are still on patrol ban burning banned fireworks of maintaining social stability them one step a footprint walked out of the security of the New Year the first greeting on the first day on the same day police station community police deliberately bring some dumplings, dumplings sounded the community elderly gentleman door brought the first sound of the New YearGreetings to boil water, under the dumplings, swapping to sweet warm and peace and joy in the New Year the first watch on February 1, the new bus station early in the morning the police on duty have came to lianyungang high-speed exit point unattended, mobile search, enthusiastic service to love warm return swept with a stick to guard peace festival New Year’s first batch of visitors in the early morning the sun rises just huaguo mountain scenic spot has to meetFor the first group of tourists, “please wear masks and queue up in an orderly manner.”The tourism police will bring you the most meticulous service and the most personal guard in the New Year lianyungang Public Security Bureau will work hard with you to build a modern new port city that people expect!