A woman in Guangdong province pushed her 8-year-old daughter into the water and drowned because she was struggling?

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Children under the age of seven or eight for which the family is all like eye, especially clever clever girl, she called mother usually tube small cotton-padded jacket, dad will cry small cute, that take the door beside grandpa’s grandmother is in his mouth I, held in the hand is afraid of lost, who will believe that this will happen in the world kiss mom in pushing their own small cotton-padded jacket into the river?The motive for the crime was simply that he felt financially strapped!This act of tragedy in Guangdong Lianjiang, cruel woman called Lin Juan.On the day of the incident Lin Juan riding a motorcycle with sensitive sensitive came to the place of the crime, while sensitive sensitive standing in the river when playing will be pushed into the river, sensitive sensitive struggle after sinking into the bottom of the river drowned.After the purpose to achieve Lin Juan came to the nearby xinmin park, to the masses lied that her daughter lost and alarm, while the news will walk in the circle of friends.That night, the police investigation found that its narrative and investigation does not agree with the situation, later Lin Juan admitted to the police personally push sensitive sensitive river criminal facts.It can be said that Lin Juan so bad behavior seriously damaged the public order and good customs more against human ethics, its end can be imagined.The case is tried, Lin Juan was sentenced to ruthless imprisonment.In the case investigation stage Lin Juan confessed that the motive of committing the crime is to live hard, so even if the life of hardship can the child as worthless?Learned that in the police investigation, b: Lin Juan did not achieve its claim that the degree of distress, although she left home without a source of income due to special reasons, but her ex-husband turn on time every month to support 2500 yuan min min, their accounts and ex-husband deposit 120000 yuan in loans, and the rent is delivered by the live-in boyfriend b: Lin Juan, the cost of living is to share,So the lack of money is definitely an excuse.An ancient Chinese saying goes, “The tiger does not eat its children.” Even if animals are so poisonous, how much less human beings!There are two seemingly irrelevant words in Lin Juan’s confession, I’m afraid she pushed the children into the river’s true purpose: it once said that the current residence is rented, no money to buy a house of their own;She also claimed that she was unable to work with her children and that her ex-husband was refused to take care of the children.Taken together, min-min’s existence has left her in a hopeless state of life.Killing your own child because you are in a hopeless state of life may seem illogical, even to the discerning eye silly, but how much of complex human nature is logical?Like Lin Juan plan to kill her daughter when he thought the process made up perfectly seamless, know in the police under the eye was seen through;Just like zhang Bo, who threw a pair of his own children off the 15th floor, didn’t he think his fabricated accidental fall would be overshadowed by everyone?Evil will be carried out so long as the motive is supported by a supposed “perfect means”.Speaking of human nature, probably only “complex” this word most fit, such as Lin Juan is not evil mother before planning to push her daughter down the river, zhang Bo before plotting to throw her children down the building may not be evil, but the moment of evil breeding, they have fallen into heaven not allowed the devil.There are demons who are still alive and well when they’re killed, but there are demons who find reasons to be sympathetic when they’re dying. Anxiety and depression are common words.