Asian lion in the pentathlon

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Pentathlon – appearance level high atmosphere front face, inverted trapezoidal air intake grille and hood integrated, creating a stable low altitude image.The wide natural lower grille extends horizontally, integrating with fog lamps, and enhancing the visual width significantly.Elegant body, body side rear window adopts the extension design, so that the overall streamline more stretch exquisite, to achieve the cockpit space not inferior to the intermediate car.Exquisite rear, rear nameplate adopts the same design as Asian Dragon, writing form is consistent, scattered arrangement reflects the sense of class.The red lens runs through the whole taillight, and the car name is added in the middle to make the body wider and unified with the overall style.Pentathlon – Space large 2750mm class leading wheelbase, entry-level B-class standard.The rear passenger crossed his legs easily.Rear door interior panel extension 50mm, can receive 1000ml large glass.Large water cup, so that rear passengers can also “long endurance”.Pentathlon – Power Pentathlon – Technology with turn signal and electric heating function to improve the clarity of vision and ensure driving safety in rainy and snowy weather.Lock the car automatic folding, highlighting the luxury attribute.Automatic reversing down, provide better reversing vision, avoid scratches.New remote open function, open before getting on the bus, comfortable and convenient.PM2.5 real-time display, CN95 authoritative air conditioning filter, effective filtration of harmful substances.A series of certification projects on behalf of automobile cabin health and safety launched by China Automotive Research Huacheng Certification Co., LTD.Where C stands for the abbreviation of automobile English letter Car, N95 is the filtration rate level of air-conditioning system, that is, the filtration effect of 0.3 micron non-oily particles exceeds 95%.Pentathlon – Safe and excellent driving at low speed detects the surrounding environment and the distance between the vehicle and stationary objects, determines the danger level to sound the alarm, and automatically brakes.Below 15km/h, forward/backward parking 7SRS air bag front double air bag front side air bag front rear side air curtain passenger seat cushion air bag