Guangfa card launched airline Elite Platinum card users can choose the mileage redemption ratio

2022-05-14 0 By

For “skyflyer”, airline co-branded credit card can not only provide the financial consumption function of credit card, but also all kinds of aviation service rights and interests.But whether the user is clear about his co-branded card what benefits and rights and interests?Recently, Guangfa Credit Card jointly carried out the “2021 flight research”, the results are surprising, 73% of users do not know the specific way to redeem miles.Credit card experts say that not only does this put users’ mileage accumulation at risk, but it also leads to wasted costs for banks.In view of this situation, Gf Credit Card has updated the mileage play of its flagship airline co-branded card, so that users can have more autonomy and realize the full application of mileage.In nearly 5,000 questionnaires issued by air passengers, users who have taken more than six trips by air since 2020 account for as much as 60%, and as many as 61% of users have co-branded air cards, which is sufficient to show the popularity of co-branded air cards among frequent fliers.But a whopping 34 percent of users may be wasting their miles because they don’t need to fly.Unable to travel due to the epidemic is one of the reasons, but another reason is that 73% of users only know that miles can be redeemed for air tickets, but do not know that miles can be redeemed for other benefits.According to credit card experts from Guangdong Development Bank, when users are unable to travel and have no need to redeem their tickets, they will allow their accumulated miles to lapse.Not only does this result in wasted user miles, it also costs the bank money.At the same time, users’ lack of understanding of the rights and interests of co-branded air cards makes the rights and interests of co-branded air cards become increasingly simple and homogeneous in the eyes of users.When users choose co-branded air cards, it is difficult to make clear the differences among various co-branded air cards, and gradually lose the freshness of co-branded air cards.In fact, the expectation of users for co-branded air cards is that they can not only use miles to exchange air tickets, but also want to enjoy rights such as aviation and life consumption.Survey data show that in addition to the interest in mileage for air tickets, more than 90% of users are interested in gift cards, air tickets and hotel vouchers, airport transfers, delay insurance, VIP rooms, free airport parking, hotel tickets and other rights and interests.About 70 percent of respondents believe that airport transfers, delay insurance and VIP room rights are more important.A coupon for coffee and milk tea, or a membership card for a video platform, are also attractive to young users with strong consumption demands.Experts believe that, especially in the current situation where the epidemic has not completely subsided, people travel less than before, often resulting in a small number of expired mileage.Card issuers should consider using points or miles to exchange gift cards, air tickets/hotel vouchers, phone recharge, car fuel cards and so on, giving full play to the value of airline co-branded cards.29.9 yuan a month can enjoy 12:1 mileage accumulated percentage based on the analysis on the present situation of the airline co-brand and customer potential demand investigation and excavation, in order to satisfy the users more demand for business scenarios and daily consumption scene, guangdong development bank credit card at the beginning of 2022 to its aviation card make a big upgrade products, has launched a new elite guangfa aviation platinum card.At present, the series of co-branded cards launched by GF and Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines have launched elite platinum card products, and the subsequent co-branded cards of other airlines will also be launched in succession, so as to redefine the value of co-branded card industry of aviation.This product has made many targeted upgrades according to the consumer needs and consumption scenarios of users. First, change the mileage accumulation method, 29.9 yuan/month can enjoy 12:1 mileage accumulation ratio, 360 yuan a year can accumulate additional mileage 6000 kilometers;Second, enrich the types of rights and interests. The highest consumption standard is 3000 YUAN. Besides daily necessities, it can also be used to exchange the rights and interests of young people like Starbucks, Naisue and Didi, as well as special commodities like scenic spots and hotels.Third, no rigid annual fee, can brush free annual fee;Fourthly, unlimited guangfa High-speed railway VIP hall. If you spend 500 yuan per month, you can enjoy unlimited guangfa high-speed railway VIP hall the next month.In addition, the upgraded GUANGfa Airlines Elite Platinum card will also increase personalized rights such as free airport parking, in-flight wine discount coupons, car rental discount coupons and so on, comprehensively improving the travel experience of business travelers.The upgrade of gFA Credit Card co-branded air card can be regarded as an important measure of gFA credit card’s strategy to make its customer base younger.Under the superposition of multiple factors such as younger users and diversified demands, GF Credit Card takes the lead in seeking change, and makes corresponding upgrades to co-branded airline cards according to the changes in user consumption scenes and demands.By changing the way the mileage accumulation, rich types of rights, let air card products more close to the real demand of young users, giving users a richer, more personality, high quality service experience, thus changing the traditional concept of user of airline co-brand, let air card is no longer just for ticket tool, it can bring more value for the user.As a pioneer in the field of co-branded airline cards, GF Credit Card is exploring the road to change the co-branded airline card industry with keen insight and innovation.