High-speed rail brings new development

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“This year’s Spring Festival travel rush compared with previous years, why did fewer passengers arrive and more passengers depart?”January 27, Luzhai North Railway Station passenger duty officer Full Text Ting looked at the orderly entry and exit of the station passengers, with questions to colleagues said.”It is estimated that more people go back for the Spring Festival and less people come back for the Spring Festival.”The colleague replied with a smile.Luzhai North Station is located in Zhongdu Town, Luzhai County, Guangxi. Zhongdu is an ancient town of 1,000 years in the northwest of Luzhai County.Zhongdu is rich in iron ore, calcite and other mineral resources, as well as sugarcane, tomato, Nanfeng orange, sugar orange, Shatian grapefruit and other characteristic agricultural products. The area also has xiangqiao Karst National Geological Park, Zhongdu ancient city ruins, temple and many other tourist landscapes.Before the high-speed railway was built, Zhongdu town had been constrained by distance and slow tourism development.In December 2014, Luzhai High-speed Railway North Station was officially put into operation, which was only 4 kilometers away from Zhongdu, instantly shortening the travel time between Zhongdu and other areas. Zhongdu Town stepped into the era of high-speed railway, integrated into the Guilin – Liuzhou tourism circle, and ushered in a great opportunity for development.In order to cater to the development of Zhongdu, luzhai North Station has increased the number of bullet trains from the original 6 to 34.Live in the town of Ma an village qin Daxing this feeling.With the opening of the high-speed rail, the town’s flow of people increased significantly, a variety of business opportunities.He has seen good water in the mountain, good quality of rice, want to establish cooperative planting characteristic rice.But it has been suffering from inconvenient traffic and less passenger flow.Two months after the opening of the high-speed railway, he set up a professional agricultural machinery cooperative, transferring more than 600 mu of farmland in Ma ‘an village, Graphite Village and Beitang Village to plant selenium-rich rice, black rice, rouge rice and other characteristic rice, and leading the surrounding people to plant more than 500 mu, helping the masses to increase their per mu yield by more than 300 yuan.At the beginning of qin Daxing mainly processed rice sales to wholesalers, farmers, grain, with more and more bullet trains, increasing the flow of people, the reputation of zhongdu ancient town is increasing, Qin Daxing began to upgrade the packaging of rice, to create local characteristics of selenium-rich agricultural products, the income per mu of rice increased to 3000-4000 yuan.In 2017, he began to build “Youyou Luming · Village Beauty Side” 3D art rice field in the 50 mu farmland, attracting tourists from all over the world to watch with the new development mode of “agriculture + tourism”. In 2021, the income from rice field tourism will reach 80,000 yuan.And his cooperative realized sales revenue of more than 2.6 million yuan, realized profits of more than 1.2 million yuan.”I hope there will be more bullet trains at Luzhai North Station, so that more tourists can visit, our rice can be sold, and the landscape can be known to more people,” he said.This year, he plans to expand and lead more villagers to revitalize the village.The opening of high-speed railway has promoted the economic development, and a large number of migrant workers have chosen to return to their home to find jobs, attracting a large number of migrant workers and increasing the employment population by 20,000.More than 100 small and micro enterprises, such as small workshops, shops and supermarkets, have been added to zhongdu town, and more than 500 people have been employed.Compared with before the opening of the high-speed railway, the villages and towns are hotter, and the social economy is more lively. According to statistics, more than 20,000 people have directly or indirectly returned to their hometowns to start businesses and work.As a result, the number of passengers at Luzhai North Railway Station increased by 43.5% year on year from the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush to The 27th.And cross the town during the period of “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”, relying on the high-speed development of cultural tourism, two new national 4 a level scenic spot, the national aaa level scenic area 1, big signs in the village as the top tourist destination, Chinese charm leisure village, included in the national rural tourism ChongDian Village list, in 2020 the third conference on cultural tourism industry development in liuzhou region at the main venue of the opening,Successfully help Luzhai County into guangxi characteristic tourism county.In the past five years, it has received more than 4 million tourists and spent more than 2 billion yuan on tourism. In 2021, Zhongdu Town will be awarded the first batch of national key rural tourism towns.During the period of poverty alleviation, 98 industrial projects were supported in Zhongdu Town, and 39 people from 10 households were relocated from inhospitable areas, thus lifting all the poor rural population and villages out of poverty by the current standard.By 2021, the GDP of Zhongdu Town reached 1.322 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 3% and an average annual growth of 3.2%.Retail sales of consumer goods totaled 610 million yuan, up 16.86%;The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 41,910 yuan, up 9%;The per capita net income of rural residents was 18,267 yuan, an increase of 12%, making it an alternative town for the pilot reform of economically developed towns in the whole region.(Wu Minghai, Mo Fang) (Editor: Li Minjun, Ye Bin)