King rank burst fire behind, cure department protagonist is advancing pig!

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Hello!Dear little cutie good duck ~ 99 niang to provoke!Happy New Year duck to you all!As a two – stoned ape horse monkey soju!If we look back at 2021, it is not hard to find that all the cartoons that have been loved by people over the years are more or less “cured”.This cure, different from “did not hear the name of the flower” in bud clothes son innocent and lovely, also different from “magic card girl sakura” know the world’s gentle orange thing good!Often seems to cure the style and the brand mark “girls”, but in recent period of time the fire/turn red in the anime, but many men’s main role is everybody call “asa west (too soft)”, have the feeling that be cured (although west asa had earlier been misunderstanding the meaning of men who have a cheat philandering affection..).Let’s talk about why this characterization is healing.When it comes to healing animation, or male hero, in fact, there are many candidates, such as Xia Mu in xia Mu friend’s account, Free!In the orange true qin, insect teacher in the story will also be good wishes hidden in the wonderful “insect” story.In recent films like King Rank, Ghostblade and JOJO’s Wonderful Adventures, they actually have one thing in common: “The main character is carrying a painful life, but he still treats everyone with the most gentle attitude”.Let’s talk about King Rank first. Poggi is undoubtedly a character born under the “curse”. His parents’ marriage is not simple and sincere love, and even the giant blood should be inherited in the blood, but also become weak because of the “curse”.Since childhood, he has been unable to express his emotions clearly through language. In the eyes of others, he cannot become the greatest king and protect the people he wants to protect with his present body.He is a character who receives the most malice and receives the most goodwill in the whole animation. He is not confused with ridicule and contempt. He will also be sad and sad under the ridicule and contempt, but he still remains pure after being sad.The wonderful thing about this cartoon is that everyone is not pure darkness. They all have their pitiful and hateful parts, as well as the true, good and beautiful parts of human nature. Some people can hardly be described as good or bad at once.Such a cartoon, such a Porgy, really too easy to cry.If boji’s story is touching, then the wonderful Adventure of JOJO is a classic. As an old fan who has many series of works, perhaps everyone is particularly impressed by the third film, or 21 years of the Sea of Stone, but for 99, it is the first generation of big Joe that makes people warm.JOJO’s first ineffective “stunt double battle” featured a true “gentleman”, Jonathan Jostad, a kind but intelligent character, in the form of a ripple-centered combat system.The life of the original Jojo is also rough. His mother died in his early years. Although his father also loved him deeply, he met an extremely pure black blonde demon — Dior in his life.It was Dior who destroyed everything for Jojo, his cherished father and dog, and ruined his youth in love. Jojo couldn’t recognize Dior?In fact, no matter in the comics or anime, Jojo, although he may communicate with Dior kindly on the surface, has always been a little wary of it in his heart.The audience is driven by jojo’s willingness to believe in the good despite his doubts (and, of course, by the best commentary).Jojo is undoubtedly a person with a tragic life, but he will not overwhelm the negative feelings on others. Maybe this is the sense of “gentleman” that he holds.As an audience, the heart of Dior is always healed by Jojo.Ghost Blade is a work with a certain origin of JOJO. The “breathing” in its setting, including the style of fighting, can more or less show the author’s love for JOJO, and this love is also deeply reflected in the protagonist tanjiroo.How can a shy and gentle teenager, who is neither handsome nor capable of pretending to be pushy, heal millions of fans?How to cause everyone’s crazy “Assasi” identity after a silly smile?Because he is the positive energy that we recognize. He is not afraid of power when he is weak, and does not bully the weak when he is strong. He always has a balance of good and evil in his heart.Perhaps he does not have the strong “leading role”, more like a simple boy next door, but you always know that there is such a person in your side, you will not be abandoned.Especially in the “evil ghost” in the background of this anime story.If Porgy’s healing came from a pure and untroubled heart;JOJO’s healing is rooted in his inner gentleness;That cure of charcoal zhi Lang is ground gas, the affinity that does not have aggression most.How can a boy so cured not be pitied?Perhaps it is the people of 2021, for the earlier popular dark forest law, the healing feeling of this family member may be the most able to satisfy our current heart product ~ well ~ this time to share here hot ~ Jiujiu Niang has seen like animation will also share with you ~ if you need!