Qinghai herdsmen realize the wish of three generations: flying Tibet New Year

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Rihetenga’s father and young son are pictured on a plane.Qinghai herdsmen realize the wishes of three generations: Flying to Celebrate the Spring Festival in Tibet, February 5, chinanews.com, Qinghai Herdsmen realize the wishes of three generations:On the morning of May 5, at the Ta ‘er Temple in Qinghai province, one of the six monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, believers have been walking around the pagoda to pray for peace and good luck.Lihe Dengjia, a herdsman in Dayu Deji Village, Qinghai Lake Town, Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, came to the Tar Temple with his family of six.With the sound of snow creaking, his two-and-a-half-year-old son looked like a happy bird.The picture shows a family having a New Year’s Eve dinner in Tibet.”We just came back from Tibet yesterday. This is the first time for our family to fly to Tibet for the Spring Festival. The whole family are very happy and satisfied.I came to thar Temple today to pray and my children got up early.Rihedenga looked at the children walking in front, unable to hide the joy in his heart, and showed reporters the video they recorded during their trip to Tibet.Lihe Dengjia was one of many Tibetan herdsmen holding boarding passes at The Caojiapu Airport in Xining on the eve of New Year’s Eve.He helped his parents, who were over 60, board the flight to Lhasa.On the plane, the warm sunshine from the plateau shone through the window on Riheidenga’s dark face. The two children were playing happily, talking and laughing on the plane. The prayer tube in the old mother’s hand was still spinning leisurely as usual…”This is going to long for Lhasa, see the sacred Potala Palace!”In the video, Rihedeenga, 34, excitedly repeats the phrase several times in patchy Mandarin.The picture shows a family photo in front of potala Palace.”For many years, we have been hoping to go out of the grassland for a New Year, to feel a different flavor.”In recent years, his family has raised more than 100 cattle and opened KTV, hotels and a black yak specialty shop in the town, leading a comfortable and wealthy life, rihedenga said.On the plateau, herdsmen move to “Dongwozi” (the place where herdsmen settle and graze in winter) every winter. The long winter is relatively leisure time for herdsmen, so they choose to go to Lhasa in Tibet at this time.”This is the biggest wish of the old people in my family, and we consider it very lucky to be able to celebrate the Spring Festival in Lhasa.”Lihe Denga said with a smile that he had been to Tibet a few years ago, and this year he went to Tibet with his family not only for the long-cherished wish of the two elderly people, but also to feel the flavor of the New Year in other places and let the children see the outside world.Lihe Denga’s father Tashi Chaibudan told reporters that going to Tibet was a difficult thing for him when he was a child, and it was also the expectation of many people all their lives.”In the past, my family was not in good condition and the transportation was not convenient. If I wanted to go to Tibet, I usually took a long bus or even rode a horse.Now it only takes two and a half hours to travel from Xining to Lhasa by plane. It can be done in the blink of an eye, which was unimaginable before.”Tashi Caibudan said excitedly, now that the policy is better, herdsmen are rich, and more and more relatives and friends take their families to travel to other places for the Spring Festival.”This time we went to Tibet to pray for good weather and prosperity in the coming year,” riho Tenga’s mother Sonanshi said.I wish every family a better life.””This is the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Tashilhunpo Temple. You are so lucky to go to Lhasa for the Spring Festival when you are so young.””Said his wife jihemujia, holding their youngest son and looking through the photos with their oldest son.Pictured here are Rihetenga’s two sons.After the interview, the Rihetenga family turned each prayer wheel one by one and walked into the depths of the Pagoda with the creak of spring snow.At this time, more and more people came to tar Temple to pray in colorful Tibetan clothes. Everyone’s face was smiling, with new hope and expectation…(after)