Spring breeze stroke face bird prophet, a tree peach reflecting green pond

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art spring breeze stroke face bird prophet, a tree peach-red reflecting green pond, on the branch oriole singing cui Liu, yuhua under the fu new poem.Spring rain grass green flowers, thousands of branches race pingting, dongfeng night song into the painting screen.Apricot out of the wall, where million yuhua Acacia send, the spring breeze blowing over the bird without trace.The mountain moon is quiet, the breeze intends to birds and insects, people on the stage sleep, idle to see peach branches fall full court.Birds in the woods are lonely, trees are cool at night, branches shake and leaves fall to where, only rain flowers float over the wall.Wutong leaves fall rain flowers fly, Orioles ti cui micro, a tree acacia not birds difficult to return.The snow color cold branch moistens the water long flow, the wind blows a tree three spring million wood thick.The bright moon hangs the high tree, returns to the forest to sing the evening wind, the rain leaves outside the window moves the shadow silently.Crow bird jing spring dream, a few trees pink drunk xiao Feng, branches on the oriole under the residual English.Acacia tears, lonely people, tonight passenger ship dream around the hometown cloud.Another year, zhan Jiao yan, spring breeze blowing green qi Ming he Sui Day.Warbler sing early, flower before butterfly dance late, a tree peach spring just, two or three birds sing new poems.Xishan tree shadow sparse, the birds returned to the forest quiet evening clouds low, the evening wind blowing rain coagulation frost branches hanging cold.Birds sing broken dream center, peach fell full jin, branch oriole send warm rain deep.Yuhuatai before the moon like hook, willows wind such as sorrow, a tree acacia nest when Hugh.Cover the sun and moon, yuhuatai wind, a thousand feet of solid foundation, birds sing a leisurely world.Fengyue boundless dream empty, red fat green thin each west east, lake mountain is still where, misty rain Lou Tai lonely.Wanli Lake mountain misty rain lock heavy building, west window thin shadow boundless to stay.The wind moon window is bright, thin denghua lake mountain did not get, ten years of smoke and rain hate difficult flat.Where to find the passenger ship, not all tears touch jin, former story setting sun a heart.Lose proud, fengyue as the ups and downs, lake since ancient times amorous guest, yanyu never lonely people.Ten years wind and moon dream see, lantern night not stop, wanli lake mountain misty rain to where difficult.Do not climb, misty rain building empty love, fell to do poem bone thin, romantic boundless person alone.Jiangnan misty rain is lingering, wanli Lake mountain line pull, romantic boundless green thin a few people pity.West window thin shadow boundless dream to find, mo Lake mountain misty rain as floating clouds.With the clouds, the night is not ended, wanli lake mountain misty rain from the vast.Lake mountain spring scenery is good, misty rain fishing boat horizontal, plum blossom thin boundless as I.Jiangnan is my home, hushan xiusai fengyue still in today, not see the original thin little ya.Thin and autumn, fengyue boundless hope to receive, Wanli Lake mountain misty rain total gaze.Yu Huai dream of wonderland, love in the heart of the passenger ship, pingshui meet is fate, a good poem to send you before.Into the screen, red fat green thin total affection, intentionally left drunk, yanyu scene to attract guests.Lake and mountain picturesque long flow, misty rain Jiangnan a leaf boat, thin lamp people do not sleep, Qinhuai fengyue when Hugh.East and west points far and far, lake and mountain north and south total qingyin, poor fengyue lantern and a spring.Sad thin liu boundless dream, wanli Lake mountain misty rain any wandering.Boundless is not spring, red fat green thin still where, misty rain jiangnan village.The best place is very much in love, a flute horizontal floor, thin fengyue for who Ming.Misty rain Jiangnan memory tour, lake and mountain picturesque drunk double eyes, millennium fengyue Xiling ancient ferry.Deceiving people thin, dream, Wanli Lake mountain misty rain ren wandering.Fengyue I do not know wandering son hate, difficult to solve the thin man sorrow, lake and mountain still hazy lock painting floor.Dip window screen, steps before the number of flowers, midnight passenger ship where to stay, lingering melancholy in the end of the world.Red beans a wisp of any wind floating, tower moon skirt hate not disappear.The person of full west window does not sleep, night of lights decrepit, acacia a faint dream return.Acacia two chi, red beans in poetry, full pad of worry when the moon.Not free, according to the floor, acacia to send drift and autumn.Red beans send a tianya, Acacia million wisps who fall, floor Taiwan alone dance full window.Dance dance, peach blossom reflected bibo, mo Acacia nowhere to send, a red bean for jun.Branches hanging on the hook, acacia a wisp for the king to stay, the floor looked broken with tears full eyes.Leaning on the floor alone empty lonely, full pour cup drunk hazy, acacia a wisp of wind, red beans still send a dream.West Lake water artefact, wind blowing a wisp of willow catkins can not send, red beans fall several degrees in autumn.Drunk passenger ship, sunset yu Huai wangyuan mountain, I do not know where to go, peach blossom still water clouds.A wisp of acacia send tianya, two lines of red beans tears flowers, sansheng stone love full, the four seasons floor love too busy.Red beans a consignment of love, acacia wisp into poetry, building thousands of feet breeze blowing full branches.Blowing rain rivers, alone the upper floor acacia where to send, tianya red beans are dancing.Fu xinshi, full garden spring breeze laugh at my crazy, acacia where to send, thousands of red beans.Go with the wind, lingering red bean branches, old things unforgettable, full of beautiful things in eyes acacia language.Love to deep when the dream is empty, no language tears hazy, poor red beans rou Chang in.Back to the red bean sweet, love to deep when speechless tears line.Ruthless send sunset, not language li vast, Acacia red beans sad tears two lines.The heart difficult sentence, sentiment to heart easily sentimental, acacia red bean tears thousands of lines.As a thousand, a few years, a river before the moon.Who knows, two hearts crazy, ruthless is the most from the language.Has become ash, rou chang into sadness, love to deep when the square hate late, spoony speechless tears empty.Nianhua who solution, railing full moon since the feeling, the cold wind into the bone acacia dream.Cold wind to the bone flowers open, acacia dream, a wisp of love million language v. Jun huai.To language also rest meaning not poor, strands of love is the spring breeze, acacia into the heart of a heart.Don’t sentient beings, autumn wind speechless send cold sound, red bean acacia send, zhuangchang dream is not.Cold wind into the bone sleepless night, red bean acacia fall pillow, a wisp of love where to send, chan without any words.Warbler song butterfly dance buzzer all the way incense, do not say spring wanzi race fragrance.Beautiful willow long, colorful flowers to find elegance, warbler song butterfly dance drunk fragrance.Before flying far, hidden to water cloud deep, the passenger ship carrying wine yu Huai sing to this.Sunny day, spring in front of the eyes, butterfly warbler song flowers in full bloom, bees fly yan Liu lightly.Flowers brilliant recruit bees drunk, lightly provoke visitors crazy, don’t say spring wanzi into poetry.With rosy clouds, bees fly yan language around the farm, infinite pastoral beauty, colorful flowers everywhere.Infinite spring scenery in Nomura, a riot of red and purple competition, flowers and birds song drunk customers heart.Plum fragrance butterfly flowers full branches, beautiful spring always poetry.Any free and unfettered, baimei jiao, bee-love flowers butterfly laughter float.Fragrant bee honey, butterfly yan bit mud, spring charming thousand red total period.Beautiful branches, a riot of flowers drunk, warbler song butterfly dance do not know sorrow.Yan cut willow silk soft, butterfly dance oriole song flower building, don’t say spring wanzi race romantic.Moonlight as water according to xuan window, sitting alone screen the night before not ended, looking at the passenger ship where to go, yu Huai can send xiaoxiang.Potpourri, thousands of purple dou fragrance, birds intoxicated, butterfly warbler song charm long.Bee bird language chrysanthemum fragrance, butterfly dance oriole song rice yellow, infinite good spring everywhere, the fragrance of the race.Warbler song to greet the sun, bees fly yan yan flowers, spring charming thousand red always love.A thousand red and purple spring, warbler song Yan Liu gentle.Butterfly dance music free and unfettered, bee flowers spring unlimited good, enchanting race.Light wind blowing willow smoke, ten miles of sunny days, half round moon native people have not yet.The moon dimly according to nine days, hometown where not reunion, a year is the breeze with my sleep.Look at home, according to the west window, tonight is clear autumn dream long.A curtain of dreams locked cold autumn, breeze on the building, the moon I do not know where to send sorrow.Send passenger ship, not all tears trickling down cheeks, bottles before the wine into drunk, no one can sleep on the water.- Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Sinology art #