Straight through the two sessions I Shandong province this year to refinery capacity to return 7.4 million tons of members for the transformation of local refinery enterprises recruitment

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According to this year’s provincial government work report, in 2022, the local refinery will have a capacity of 7.4 million tons, and the coking plant will have a capacity of 1.15 million tons.This means that the transformation and upgrading of local refining enterprises is more urgent.In this regard, Zhang Shaoguang, secretary of the CPC Committee of Sinopec Qilu Branch, believes that local refining enterprises should accurately grasp the three trends of “oil production”, “oil transformation” and “oil to special”, and explore a new path of integrated development of refining transformation and refining.Members said at the group discussion shao-kuang chang shao-kuang chang Suggestions, to refining enterprises should grasp the “oil” production “oil conversion” turn “oil” trend, promote the development of refining transformation refining a whole new path: namely by applying new technologies, such as steam cracking of crude oil, crude oil catalytic cracking, converts crude oil into ethylene, propylene and other basic chemical raw materials;Refining structure adjustment, adjust the yield of refined oil, reduce refined oil, to produce naphtha, tail oil and other ethylene raw materials;Aiming at “advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated” featured products, we extend and improve the production line of products professionally, transforming oil products into special refining products such as base oil, high-grade lubricating oil and high-end asphalt.He also suggested that, without any increase in coal consumption under the premise of enterprise should be encouraged to meet national security environmental protection new standards of large scale, new technology, low power consumption device, alternative construction time early, small size, high energy consumption of the old device, optimize the structure of chemical products, speed up the formation of “base + high-end” diversified products structure, effectively reduce carbon emissions and improve the core competitiveness.Dazhong · Poster news reporter Sun Jie reports from Jinan