The New landmark of “Staggered in time”, the French Embassy in China

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The French Embassy in China is located at the intersection of Liangmaqiao Road and Tianze Road in Beijing, about 100 meters away from the Third Embassy area of the American Embassy in China. There stands a tall and majestic building glittering in the sun. It is peculiar in shape, with straight lines and arcs reflecting each other, giving passers-by a strong visual impact.It is the new French Embassy in China.The French Embassy in China looks into the distance on January 27, 1964, when China and France established diplomatic relations. A communique with only two sentences was issued, the shortest in history.At the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the French Embassy in China was located at No.3, Sanlitun Dongsan Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing.However, with the increasingly close exchanges between China and France and the expansion of business scope, the original building is becoming increasingly tense.In the early 2000s, when the United States built a new embassy in the Third Diplomatic area of Liangmaqiao, France put the reconstruction of its embassy on the agenda.But construction was delayed until 2009 because of the French lead designer.The project, under the general contract of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, lasted three years and was completed in March 2011.The new French Embassy in China covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of 19,950 square meters and a total cost of 218 million YUAN. It is the largest French embassy abroad.The new embassy with the theme of “light” has been carefully crafted for more than 10 years from project design to construction and then to the perfect completion. It embodies the essence of Chinese and French culture and wisdom. It is a comprehensive building integrating the ambassador’s residence, the embassy office building and other departments’ office buildings.The main building is eight stories high, fan-shaped structure, surrounded by more than 2,000 square meters of fireproof, bullet-proof, anti-riot glass curtain wall, adjacent to the street on both sides of the glass curtain wall, there is a layer of shading grid to protect the privacy of the embassy.In order to perfectly represent the design concept of the new embassy, which is both beautiful and energy-saving, the French designers had very high requirements on the color, shape and material of each piece of glass.The color of the glass is special golden yellow, and the shape is a special parallelogram. A lot of special-shaped glass is used on the arc surface, and the material is a new building material with very high cost (low-E glass).As the French designer only proposed the design concept of “staggered light and shadow” for the Conference center of the French Embassy in China, the Chinese project Department needs to figure out how to use specific methods and materials to achieve the design effect.Through the comparison of several schemes and communication with the designer, the aluminum shading grille with high cost performance was finally selected, and the temperature sensing facilities automatically adjust the Angle of the louver.Throughout the day, the light flickers on and off with the swing of the sunshade. Through the golden glass, it changes from gray, to rose, and then to gold, presenting a romantic color change, perfectly presenting the flowing beauty of “staggered time”.Cafe of the French Embassy in China The central area of the interior courtyard of the new parlor of the French Ambassador’s residence in China adopts a minimalist design, with the vertical greening of 1m raised from south to north to lengthen the view of the landscape.In order not to disturb the landscape in the central area of the courtyard, low trees are mainly planted in the courtyard.Although Both France and Beijing belong to the middle latitude region, due to climate reasons, garden plants commonly used in France will not grow well in Beijing, and even seedlings cannot be found. Therefore, Chinese plants such as Liaodong fir are planted in the courtyard of the Embassy.On the evening of October 28, 2011, the time-traveling building, located at 60 Tianze Road, Chaoyang District, finally unveiled its mysterious veil and ushered in the opening moment.When it was unveiled, it won the cheers of Chinese and foreign guests attending the opening dinner.In addition, France also has consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang and Hong Kong in China.The French consulate general in Shanghai (no. 1055 in the changning district to visit the 18th floor, block A SOHO zhongshan square) the French consulate general in guangzhou (tianhe district pearl river new town KaiHua international centre, 1901-1907) French consulate general in chengdu, jinjiang district, hongxing road, three international financial center office building 26 building no. 1) determines the French consulate general in wuhan, hankou international trade major in the new worldMansion Ⅰ 17 layer) (the United States consulate general in 47) the French consulate general in shenyang (thirteen weft heping district south road no. 34) the French consulate in Hong Kong (Jin Zhongxia 18 Que road, sea rich center 25 to 26 / f, 2) the author: purple hilly data images derived from the network, the foreign ministry website, the French embassy in China website and Beijing construction group, etc.Copyright to the original author all, purple hills in this thank you!