The dowry of Lady Wang and the old lady sheng has been used by The Sheng family, so Naturally, There is no need for Hong Sheng to covet

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Shing lee to lily of valley ignore let you don’t think he is a good father, but he wants to wanda lady from corrupt and filled the old lady’s him that give him save the image of a little desire: small niang want to rob wang Lin lady dowry, righteous shing lee makes a refusal to say: “only the most useless man of the world over will shaw to him of his wife.”When Lady Wang wants the old lady Sheng to add makeup to Rulan, He also reproachs: “The old lady’s dowry will be given to whoever she likes.”From shing lee spit on the aunt, uncle use kang dowry, he seems to be part of character, but actually shing lee just smarter than his uncle and Sun Xiucai some, he has a wife and DiMu never never covet him, on the one hand, in order to maintain their form of character, sooner or later, on the other hand it is because he know these things are is to return to the home.In people’s stereotypical impression, it seems that the dowry of his wife should be used openly like That of Sun Xiucai and Uncle Kang to covet the dowry of others. However, if He never spends the money of Lady Wang and the old lady Sheng like This, won’t the dowry of Lady Wang and the old lady Sheng be spent in the head of The sheng family?We should know that the dowry of the society at that time should have three results under normal circumstances:The first way is to spend it by the married girl herself; the second way is to give it to the children for private property; the third way is that when she dies, if she has nothing to give, her family will come forward to reclaim it. If she takes the fourth way for her husband’s family to use, the husband’s family will be spurned, but as long as the other party can afford the humiliation, the woman will most likely have to accept her fate.Shing lee was the most YaoLian, natural won’t want to carry the title of “soft rice male”, at that time he never seen to use a wife and DiMu him firmly, thought over his innocence, until you see book such as LanHeMing orchid married eve, heidegger said they were giving two sisters makeup were wanda lady stop, because wang lady thinking about now add makeup will be split to lily of valley,If you don’t, it will all belong to lady Wang’s own grandchildren.Lady Wang wants to get such a simple truth. Will The shrewd Hong Sheng get confused?He tried to fill her daughter to raise the old lady, is not pointing to the sheng old lady’s face and financial pave the way for his daughter?His pattern is quite big, no matter sheng the old lady left the property to the grandson, is not sheng Hong’s children?Why should he be blamed for not letting the old lady’s family get in trouble anyway?As for lady Wang’s things, they must be distributed to Hualan Ru LAN and Long Bai in the future. If the children can use these things, There will be less trouble for Sheng Hong. If it helps his future, He will have a bright face!Just as Mother Kong said, no matter which one of his children is promising, It will be a boost for Him. He does not only expect Mo LAN to have a bright future.