When will the 2022 Tianjin Civil service examination be announced?From where?These questions come in

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The announcement of the 2022 Tianjin civil service examination has not yet been released. What questions do we need to know in advance?Let’s see!1. Tianjin civil service examination announcement from which to understand?Tianjin civil servant examination announcement is issued by the tianjin people examination online registration public service platform, preparing for the examination of tianjin civil servant candidates can be collected in advance to save yo!Address: RSKS. HRSS. Tj. Gov. Cn website: RSKS. HRSS. Tj. Gov. Cn2.2022 tianjin civil servants also attend the entrance exam?In recent years, Tianjin has participated in the joint examination. Therefore, it can be judged that there is a high probability that tianjin will continue to participate in the joint examination in 2022, which is to be held on March 26 (the specific time is subject to the official notice).3. Apply for a post first or prepare for the exam first?Many candidates think it is too late to prepare for the exam when the announcement is made, but in fact, take the tianjin civil Servant exam in 2021 as an example: the preparation period is short, and the announcement to the written exam will be completed within 1 month, so we still need to prepare for the exam in advance!According to experience and feedback from students, the duration of the exam is 25 days for the basic learning phase, 15 days for the consolidation and promotion phase, and 10 days for the sprint simulation phase.General provincial examination of the whole stage of learning is the need for 50 days or so, has not begun to prepare for an examination of the students to pay close attention to, because the preparation time has little time left, absolutely not careless, miss the best preparation time.Now is about to enter the middle of February, it is possible to release 22 provincial examination announcement at any time, candidates can be concerned at any time!Come on, guys!