Will bohai Disappear?Shandong liaoning nearest distance is only more than 100 kilometers, how about building undersea tunnel?

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China has a vast territory, not only rich land, but also many territorial waters.You know, the area of the sea is very large and contains rich resources, so the territorial sea is very important for a country.Bohai sea is located in the north of China’s inland sea, is located in China’s northernmost offshore.Visually, the Area of the Bohai Sea is small and appears to be surrounded by continents.What be worth mentioning is, the estuary of Yellow River is just inside the area of bohai sea, it is carrying a large number of silt every year to undertake “fill the sea to build land” project, make many people worry, the Bohai sea can disappear because of this.So, how is bohai sea present circumstance after all?Should anyone be worried?Will the Bohai Sea disappear when the Yellow River enters the sea?Before discussing this one problem, we need to understand the bohai sea and the Yellow River simply first.The bohai Sea covers an area of 77,284 square kilometers, with an average depth of 18 meters and a coastline of about 3,800 kilometers.It is indeed surrounded by the mainland, bordering liaoning, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong on three sides except for the east.Although the Bohai Sea is small compared with other territorial waters, scientists have divided it into five parts, namely bohai Bay, Liaodong Bay, Laizhou Bay, central shallow sea Basin, and Bohai Strait.In summary, can see the Bohai sea is almost closed, and the communication of external sea is poor.That’s why many people worry about the bohai Sea disappearing. After all, the Yellow River’s capacity to carry sand is not to be underestimated.As the mother river of China, the Yellow River once gave birth to the brilliant Chinese civilization, and now it still protects the Chinese people.However, the Yellow River has a history of flooding and accidental diversions, causing great suffering to people living near the river basin.The flood of the Yellow River is not only related to the season, but also has a great relationship with its sediment content, often forming “overhanging river”.The Yellow River already became “ground hangs a river” every year, the Yellow River can take a large number of silt not far from the bohai Sea, these silt is deposited in the mouth, formed the Yellow River delta.In addition, a large amount of sediment has entered the interior of the Yellow Sea.Data from the Yellow River Delta show that the annual volume of the Yellow River is about 1.6 billion tons of sediment, in addition to 400 million tons of sediment deposited in the downstream flow, the remaining 1.2 billion tons is transported to the Yellow River mouth area.The average sedimentation rate of the bohai sea is 8mm/a, 50 times that of the yellow sea and 70 times that of the east China sea.As can be seen from the estuary of the Yellow River, everyone’s concern is not unnecessary, because this number is really very alarming.If laissez-faire Yellow River so year after year to transport silt, so the Bohai sea really will become smaller, very likely in “fill the sea to make land” under the trend slowly disappear.Of course, scientists have long been concerned about this problem, so how to effectively govern the Yellow River, reduce the sediment content of the Yellow River, protect the Bohai Sea is the subject they have been studying.Therefore, it is necessary to restore the ecology of the upper reaches of the Yellow River to enhance its ability to conserve water, or to divert the river artificially in the lower reaches to reduce the accumulation of the estuary.These measures have had some success so far, with the Yellow River carrying much less sediment than before.The Yellow River silt anyhow, under the planning of existing policy, the Yellow River has no longer been in that way to the past, blindly to the Bohai Sea “output”, the ecological restoration of the upper reaches of our country was a great success.Accordingly, the Bohai sea won’t disappear, at least if people holds to such day after day management Yellow River, this kind of circumstance won’t appear.I mentioned Shandong and Liaoning when I introduced the neighboring provinces of Bohai Sea. They may seem to be on the same territory in people’s mind, but in fact they are facing each other across the sea.Shandong and Liaoning face each other across the sea. The nearest straight-line distance between Shandong and Liaoning is only more than 100 kilometers. If the undersea tunnel can be built and opened to traffic in the Bohai Sea, it is equivalent to about 950 kilometers for self-driving now.So is the idea of an undersea tunnel feasible?What would be the impact if it were built?The cross sea channel of bohai sea strait of envisage of submarine tunnel people often can use “love separates mountain sea, mountain sea cannot be flat” will describe the reason that cannot go between different couple finally, but ignored to still have a word to call however “the sea has boat to be able to cross, mountain has road to be feasible”, below this kind of circumstance mountain sea all can be flat.Shandong and Liaoning are like long-distance lovers facing each other across the sea. If there is no barrier from the Bohai Sea, they are clearly “close at hand”, so in order to shorten the distance between the two places, building an undersea tunnel has become a feasible plan.In fact, as early as 1992, someone proposed to build such an undersea tunnel, and named it as the Bohai Strait cross-sea channel, or bohai Circum-Sea cross-sea channel.The tunnel ends at Penglai in Shandong province and Lvshun in Liaoning province, passing through the Changshan Archipelago.Since it was first proposed in 1992, countless teams of experts have been working on the feasibility of the idea.In 2009, the state officially launched the planning and research of this project, which shows that the state attaches great importance to this issue.The research team also concluded a report based on field investigations and surveys and submitted it to The State Council. In October 2021, an annual report recommended that the construction of the tunnel should be included in the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan.According to Wang Mengshu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the cross-sea corridor covers a distance of 123km, with an average depth of 20 to 30 meters and the deepest being about 70 meters. Trains are the main mode of transportation and travel at a speed of 200km/h.Once completed, it will be the world’s longest undersea tunnel, far surpassing Japan’s Seikan Tunnel.In the current plan, the length of the tunnel is really only more than 100 kilometers, if it is completed and opened to traffic between the two provinces and bohai Rim region has great significance.Although, now the traffic has been very convenient, but the communication between Shandong and Liaoning still have to detour, which is very unfavorable for the establishment of “bohai Rim economic zone”.If the tunnel were built, the problem would disappear.The plan works!It can be said that it will not only promote the communication between Shandong and Liaoning provinces, but also between the Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula and The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, linking the fragmented areas into a large network to promote economic development and mutual benefit.Not to mention, transportation costs are bound to fall further as distances shrink.Lower transport costs mean higher profits for each link.In the long run, the overall economy of the society also has a positive role in promoting.If the undersea tunnel can really be built, linking Shandong and Liaoning, it is of great significance to all the provinces around the Bohai Sea.However, according to the current research, although the idea was put forward as early as 1992, the construction has not been started until now, or the specific plan has not been determined. Why is this?Long, obstructed undersea tunnels are technically demanding, and scientists continue to debate how they should be designed because conditions under the sea are more complex than on land to ensure 100 percent safety.Second, there is the investment. Although it is only more than 100 kilometers, the construction of the undersea tunnel is very expensive from the current estimate. In 2019, the initial estimate of the project has reached 300 billion yuan.When construction starts, it often costs more than expected, as was the case with the Three Gorges Dam.Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study and consider when to start construction and what to build. The process of determining such a large infrastructure project is bound to be extremely long.It is worth mentioning that, from the planning point of view, in the Bohai Sea in the construction of submarine tunnel or very advantageous, the difficulty of construction will be relatively low, after all, the average water depth is shallow.Moreover, our country has had a lot of construction experience these years.For example, the famous Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge also has part of the undersea tunnel. Although it is only 5.6 kilometers long, it has also accumulated valuable experience for us.In addition, many countries around the world have built undersea tunnels and put them into use.With previous explorations and experiments, it will be much easier for us to build, because we have experience and technology to learn from.All in all, the project should be officially put on the agenda in the future, but the exact date of construction is uncertain, at least until the plan is confirmed.We can look forward to what this project will look like after it is completed.