An unbridled smile pours into my heart like an electric current

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The white clouds in the blue sky were bouncing happily. Mei Xing looked through the window of the plane full of expectation, and his happy mood seemed to be the greatest luck in his life.He received wenxing woke up in Bremen, after hanging up the phone, he immediately booked tickets, the heart would have flown far away to his homeland, waiting, he thought he would not have known.Mei Never know wenxing wake up is his some credit, he stepped into the place where wenxing live, saw the timing and Zhou Shengchen, but Wenxing did not wake up, still sleep peacefully.Mei Xing heart into the lost mood, Zhou Shengchen looked at the sudden disappearance of mei Xing, suddenly understand what, hurriedly lead him out, low voice, “Wen Xing should be almost completely woke up, woke up yesterday, but looked at the surrounding environment, and then closed his eyes.The doctor came and looked at it, and that basically means wake up soon.”When the plum tree came, I wanted to comfort but was speechless, because there are a lot of comfort words, they have said countless times, so they have long understood that the words actually do not have any meaning.When the time and Zhou Shengchen left, Mei Xing sat in front of the bed and said to himself: “On the way back, I have been thinking that if you wake up, I want to go back to the place where we lived when we were children to see, those places engraved in the depths of memory, and add some new memories is also very beautiful.”Subsequently, he fell into deep thought, wenxing woke up, how should they get along?He had never understood Wenxing before, until wenxing changed, no longer clinging to his back, no longer the one who smiled unbridled, but his heart suddenly throbbed like an electric shock.This period of time, he suddenly found that the original Wen Xing before many actions are like him, just ignored by him, it seems that he has been to those who act as a sister of brother affection, never realized early in his patience coax Wen Xing drink medicine, Wen Xing to swallowed all those bitter medicine, there are a bunch of the spark of the flame.Mei Thought about thinking about leaning on the edge of the bed fell asleep, a tired, full of uneasy, but suddenly in wenxing’s side, precipitated a restless heart, he thought a lot, the only thing can do is to wait patiently.All this seems to be a return to the time of wenxing that there is no response, the same experience, the same waiting, after which they will open a new future.Morning light, Wenxing opened the thick eyes, looking at the side of mei Xing, her brain a drill pain, there are a lot of memories, messy and complicated fragments, let her frown.After a long time, she cleared her thoughts and brushed mei Xing’s cheek, wiping the tears off her face as if through a long distance.Mei Xing because of the same touch on his face, opened his eyes, four eyes relative, he strongly support eyelids, afraid of blinking wenxing and closed his eyes.”Are you awake?”Mei Xing’s shoulders quivered and stood up to confirm.Wenxing blinked naughtily and did not answer her rhetorical question. “Did I sleep long?””Well, you had a long sleep, but you’ll be all right when you wake up.”Mei Xing held Wenxing’s hands and suddenly thought of something and asked: “Do you feel any discomfort?””No, I just seem to have had a very, very long dream.”This article declares: the text is original, shall not be reproduced without permission.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.