Does floor warming kill sperm and cause cancer?How much radiation is it?An experiment at CCTV provides the answer

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Article | science worm hole in the cold winter, the temperature of northern China is much lower than the south, but the north indoor and basic it is warm, give a person warm experience;In the south, there is no such good news, people often have to rely on a good spirit, wrapped up in polar bears, and often encountered indoor colder than outdoor situation.When many southerners are envious of floor heating in the north, a view has quietly spread: floor heating radiation, not only killing spermatogenesis will also cause cancer.Hospital studies have shown that long-term exposure to geothermal heating radiation causes changes in blood, lymph and cell protoplasm, according to online news reports.An investigation by Italian experts found that more than 400 children in the country develop blood cancer (leukemia) every year, mainly because of residential heating, the news said.So how credible is this claim?How much floor heating radiation, will threaten our bodies?To this question, a number of experts have answered, CCTV also used an experiment to give the answer.Source of Floor Heating Radiation To understand how floor heating produces radiation, we need to understand how it works.Floor heating is short for ground radiant heating, which uniformly heats the whole ground and then warms the room through the heat medium in the radiant layer.The heat transfer mode of floor heating is mainly radiation, supplemented by convection and conduction, which has the effect of warming the room.According to heat transfer medium, floor heating can be divided into water floor heating and electric floor heating.Water floor heating, it is to heat water to a certain temperature (not more than 60℃), transported to the water pipe cooling structure below the floor, heating through the floor.Electric floor heating, it is to bury a good heating cable, heating the floor with a thermostat to adjust the floor or room temperature, heating.Water and electric heating have their own characteristics, but they can produce thermal radiation, thermal radiation is the carcinogenic “devil” in the network message.But is the radiation from floor heating really so terrible?Can floor warming kill spermatogenic cancer really?First of all, let’s talk about “cancer”. In fact, if we search, we will find the “Italian expert” in the Internet legend law, but we can’t find out which expert and which team it is.There is no experimental method or data in the statement, which is more like a “rumor” fabricated out of thin air.So what are the facts?Li Yuan, a doctor at xi ‘an No. 9 Hospital who has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years, said he has never heard or encountered any cases of childhood leukemia caused by floor heating, either in academic conferences or outpatient clinics.In the home environment, there are some cases that can lead to leukemia, namely, the volatile materials of decoration materials, such as volatile formaldehyde.Once the room temperature rises, formaldehyde evaporates more quickly, threatening our bodies.However, this is essentially decoration materials do not conform to safety standards, with the floor heating itself has no relationship.As for spermicide, it’s also nonsense.Before the popular folk “cola kill spermatozoa”, although it seems not reliable, there are numerous experts to clarify, but still some people believe it is true.”Floor warming to kill sperm” sounds a bit more credible than “coke to kill sperm”, but in fact, it is also a groundless rumor.According to Internet reports, underfloor heating can damage the human reproductive system and reduce the quality of male sperm.Zhang Zhou, a doctor at the Shaanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said the news was far-fetched.Although the external temperature also has a certain effect, but it needs to exceed body temperature significantly for a long time, to 40 or 50 degrees.This can only happen if you spend a long time in a sauna.When we’re in a warm environment, the temperature is in the 20s, which doesn’t reduce sperm quality at all.If these answers, or let you on the “floor warming killing sperm carcinogenic theory” doubt, then might as well look at the CCTV field test.CCTV an experiment to give the answer floor heating is closely related to people’s lives, whether it will harm the human body, is a topic of great concern.As early as 2015, CCTV’s “Focus interview” program invited Dr. Wang Ansheng, an expert in floor heating industry, to carry out field tests.Dr. Wang carried two portable instruments for the survey, a far-infrared thermometer and an electromagnetic radiation tester.First, the uncovered film is tested. It operates at a surface temperature of 38 ° C and generates only 0.3 microteslas of electromagnetic radiation.In practice, underfloor heating is provided by floor facing to the interior, i.e. separated by floor/tiles.As a result, Dr Wang came to a field survey of the tiles, showing electromagnetic radiation of only 0.08 microtesla.Subsequently, Dr. Wang and the reporter still measured the electromagnetic radiation quantity of many home appliances as contrast, the numerical value of electric iron is 30-40, burning kettle is in 10 or so, the mobile phone is about 0.3 when connecting the phone.Obviously, we usually commonly used electrical appliances, never leave the body of the mobile phone, the radiation is bigger than the radiation of floor heating, “floor heating carcinogenic spermicide” rumor, self-dispelled.Residents said they were a little worried after hearing the news online, but were completely relieved when they saw the measurements in the field.In addition, a Danish manufacturer of floor heating equipment said he had never heard of a health risk from radiation from floor heating, which is installed in millions in Europe.In a 2007 report, the World Health Organization also showed that low-frequency electric and magnetic fields in everyday life do not pose an actual health threat.After seeing through relevant rumors, we can also feel at ease in using floor heating, but in the process of selection, installation and use, we still need to pay attention to some matters, such as paying attention to humidification and so on, so as to use comfortable and assured.———————————— this article pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete