Double front face design for the second generation Changan CS75 PLUS

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There are different ways of naming the upgraded version of products among brands, and there are also differences between different products. For example, Apple’s mobile phone basically uses numbers to express the intergenerational relationship.From 3, 4, 5, 6 to the current 13, headphones are also used in the first generation, second generation, third generation, there is no doubt that the newer generation of products will always be some obvious improvement over the previous generation of products.This approach is also the same in the automotive field. For example, changan CS75 PLUS, which officially opened for presale recently, is officially called the second generation, although it is a mid-stage variant of CS75 PLUS. On the one hand, it is to distinguish itself from the current model, and on the other hand, it is to highlight a product evolution comparable to that of the next generation.In the compact SUV market with serious homogeneity, Changan CS75 PLUS, as a comer, has become a hot seller from a dark horse at the beginning, which has a lot to do with its abandoning the middle-of-the-road route and choosing bold and advanced design concepts.After a quick tour of the second-generation CS75 PLUS ‘design highlights, I found that the word “bright” was a word they used a lot.The exterior has bright flowing light, the interior has bright starlight skin, is it particularly bright?In terms of design, in fact, the appearance level of the first generation OF CS75PLUS has been very able to play, in the second generation of CS75PLUS, Changan in maintaining a stable design level on the basis of providing more choices in style.The second generation CS75 PLUS with the new science and technology wisdom aesthetic appearance style, provides consumers with two kinds of front face design style, one is the chang ‘an LOGO echoes the V-shaped arrangement, officially called whale tail hit wave grille;The other is the dot-matrix arrangement, officially known as the crystal matrix grid.One atmosphere radical, one delicate sedate, each has its own characteristics.The lighting part is also the second generation CS75 PLUS changes more intuitive part, is also the “key bright place”.The daytime running light is changed to run through type, and the taillight also echoes with the head for the run through type design.The taillight section is particularly interesting to talk about.If you move your eyes away from the through-through taillight and focus on the main body of the taillight, you will notice that a large number of crystal matrices are used inside the taillight to achieve a luminous effect. The visual effect is very impressive.According to official figures, changan made this possible by placing 61 LED lights inside the headlights, similar to the taillights on the new Mercedes S-Class.Changan design lamp are so spell, ask Audi you panic not panic?The dual-screen remains on the interior, but the brim above the dashboard has been removed, which may mean that the screens will look even better than the original.Plus, things like the new dual color electronic stick, and the button to switch between driving modes, we won’t talk about.Let’s see where the interior “shines”.The second-generation CS75 PLUS interior has a configuration called “Starlight Skin.”This configuration on the top of the glove box, from a distance, looks like an elaborate arrangement of lights shining on the skin, looks very textured.Changan doesn’t go into details about how this configuration is implemented, but I’m sure the first officer will be surprised to see it once he gets in the car.The power section, like the first GENERATION CS75 PLUS, still offers consumers two power options.Blue Whale powered 1.5T and 2.0T engines, engine parameters change little compared to the previous generation.The large output of 1.5T engine is increased from 131kW/265Nm to 138kW/300Nm;The maximum torque of the 2.0T engine has been increased from 360Nm to 390Nm.Take a look at the transmission, but it is interesting, the last generation of 1.5T models are all 6-speed automatic transmission, to this generation, 1.5T models and 2.0T models, are installed with the Aixin 8AT automatic transmission.Fuel economy should also improve with the 8AT transmission.In addition, compared with the previous generation of 8AT, this generation of 8AT transmission shift response improved by 40%.These invisible changes give the 1.5T model better power, comfort and fuel economy, and the 2.0T model a smoother driving experience.Chinese car brands started late, and there are not many things that can be inherited.For a long time, they have been surviving on imitation in the market. In recent years, Chinese automobile brands represented by Chang ‘an have changed from imitation to originality and then to the formation of brand design language. 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