Du Huiliang attended the delegation deliberation of dongsheng district

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Du Huiliang attended the dongsheng district delegation deliberation stressed the adherence to the “troika” of seeking progress while maintaining stability to promote high-quality economic and social development
On February 12, Du Huiliang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, came to the dongsheng District delegation of the first session of the fifth Municipal People’s Congress and deliberated with the delegates on the government work report.He stressed the need to adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while ensuring stability, drive the “three carriages” to promote high-quality economic and social development.On February 12, Du Huiliang, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, came to the dongsheng District delegation of the first session of the Fifth Municipal People’s Congress and deliberated with them on the government work report.Du Huiliang pointed out that Dongsheng District is the main urban area of Ordos City, with a good industrial foundation, large economic volume and strong comprehensive strength, which plays a pivotal role in the city’s economic and social development.In the New Year, Dongsheng district should be more full of spirit, more full of energy, carry forward the fighting spirit, have the courage to self-revolution, conscientiously study and do a good job in the implementation of the report, and strive to promote the work to a new level and make new progress.Du Hui stressed, and should seriously do seek improvement in stability, focus on the new breakthrough on catch a stable investment, focus on “two new”, scientific and technological innovation, public services, such as ecological environmental protection in key areas, actively expand industry, vigorously develop modern service industry, enhance the level of development of export-oriented economy, driving stability “troika”, promote economic and social development in high quality.To focus on the upgrading of the industrial park to mention quality, increase the new breakthrough, in the promotion of high-end, intelligent, green high quality development as a whole, around to build modern equipment manufacturing base, further optimize park development planning and industrial layout, promote the transformation of traditional advantage industry took the lead, new industry leading transformation, improve the level of modernization of industrial value chain.We need to make breakthroughs in improving the environment for development, strengthen awareness of the market, service and rule of law, and constantly improve the business, rule of law and urban environment, so as to make central urban areas more livable, business-friendly, tourism-friendly and well-governed.To new breakthrough on guard against major risks, strengthen risk consciousness and the bottom line of thinking, overall development and security, to control the government debt risk, accelerate the level of debt risk “red”, strict controls of local corporate financial institutions and real estate risks, keep tightly not systemic risk the bottom line, to protect public interests, safeguard social overall harmony and stability.We need to make new breakthroughs in promoting common prosperity, increase people’s property and business income through multiple channels, promote rural revitalization in an all-round way, and improve people’s well-being through high-quality development.Strengthen the economic “ballast stone”, stimulate high-quality development endogenous power — 2021 Dongsheng District’s industrial economic development resilience fully demonstrate quickly go to declare!Maximum monthly subsidy 1188 yuan!Thumb up!The country’s 20, Dongsheng on the list!
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