Ostapenko took aim at the Dubai champion

2022-05-15 0 By

The men’s race in Dubai is about to kick off with a star-studded lineup, while the women’s race is drawing to a close.Ostapenko is already through to the final, and this time she has won four grand Slam titles in a row.First round: 6-1, 6-2 Kenning (Australian Open champion) first round: two Grand Slam champions talking directly to each other, which is not often seen in men’s tennis, and only in the women’s tennis world.Kenning seemed to be suffering from Grand Slam syndrome after winning the Australian Open the year before, and has not played well overall, including being egged out of a high-level tournament.This time facing the same slam ostapenko, Kenning is also two sets speed defeat, really let her future pinch sweat.Second round: 4-6, 6-1, 7-6(4) Sviatek (French Open) If winning kenning in the first round was due to the opponent’s lack of strength, then the polish girl in the second round can be admired.Svyatek is arguably the most consistent player in women’s tennis right now besides Barty.She was the only one to reach the second week of every Grand Slam last year.She also reached the last four at the Australian Open.Later lost to the runner-up, otherwise she and Barty’s duel is really eye-catching.And in the tour tournament performance, she is not less.But this time, the conversation between the old and new French open champions ended with the old champion winning in three sets.Petra Kvitova’s exit from the Australian Open in the first round also gave fans a chance to surprise themselves.It had been a long time since the slender and beautiful player had played a good match, but this time the match was very close and the score was very close.Unfortunately, still did not grasp this tone, complete bottom rebound.Do not know, Chinese fans love to call her “pig pig” when she can return to the top?Halep has actually been on a roll this year, with the exception of the Australian Open, but after winning the first set and reaching the tiebreak, halep wasn’t playing much.Not only did he not get a point in the tiebreaker, but he was knocked out in the tiebreaker.Ostapenko, who enjoyed a brief revival last year, will now be bidding for the top prize in Dubai.Find out more