Prose | Tan Xin: The voice of the Year

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Harmonious Year of the Tiger.Although everyone wore masks these two years, nian’s voice could not be isolated and there was no need to be isolated.Except for the occasional wink at the louder “Nian’s voice,” most of the time we naturally converged and headed home.Spring Festival, is the only one in a year to carry out the sound of the festival.In the countryside during the twelfth lunar month, whenever the sound of firecrackers rang, the preface of the Spring Festival was played.The buzzing of the ear, the heart also began to be ready to move.When I was a child, often after laba, years will enter my fingers quietly count down the countdown, each string of firecrackers roar, like a section of resonant code.When the children heard this, there might be a restrained calm on their faces, but there were ripples in their hearts.Young people’s mood, easy to smile, each section of the arrival of sound, virtually meet a section of our hope, firecrackers together with the years, but also ushered in the highlight of the year moment.Whether it is the “loud” in the head, or the “bright” in the voice, or the “popcorn” in the hand…Every bloom is inspiring.As if years will follow this “crackling” rhythm sound, from the dust years look brand-new.To the end of the twelfth lunar month, the long-lost Flavor of the New Year, such as bacon, sausage, glutinous rice cake, dumplings as the first table, the voice of the year is also in full bloom around.From sparse to dense, from unique to colorful, each sound appears like a sequence of dishes, and the family Reunion dinner, lined the table with the transition of years.Wine, let the heart heat flying;Melodramatic, in the memory of lips and teeth.After work, perhaps it is because I am used to the holiday budget, I have no enthusiasm for the Spring Festival, the most symbol of reunion, counting the remaining days. In my memory, it should be the season of firecrackers, but also in the restrained face of the city, turned into a calm and objective year after year.The only emotion is probably at the end of each year that a more like “home” obsession, uninvited but lingering, always bear in mind.Sometimes, even though I am in my hometown, it is as quiet as a city at night, and I can’t help wondering, “Is there something missing in this New Year?””Firecrackers sound in addition to the old year, gongs and drums bursts to welcome the New Year.”Sound, in fact, is also one of the manifestations of the Flavor of the New Year.The hometown New Year that the place experiences in my memory, the source of sound is not unified, the strong atmosphere that seldom gongs and drums roar to draw colours to a drawing and gives, only the sound of the firecracker that discontinuous close connects resembles fixed point alarm clock more.Only when the sound of firecrackers rang out, that should have belonged to my memory of the festival, will be corresponding and succession in the calendar update.The forms of firecrackers THAT I yearn for are also complex and varied: sometimes firecrackers, which frequently appear in the hands of children, are lit and have enough time to be put away, and the drums are so small that they can only make the mud spit bubbles, but enough to stir up the happiness and noise of a whole winter afternoon.Sometimes hole also listen to adult hands of fireworks, skyrockets, thunder and lightning refers to the earthquake, but the eyes pointed to by the lead, the direction is ultimately toward a piece of childlike innocence.These years, when the New Year is approaching, I will think about the changes of this year and last year, the mobile phone is also constantly receiving blessings and distributing messages, from time to time, to the night sky gradually open fireworks, draw a wow ending: “Wow!Happy New Year!”Source: China Youth Daily client