Why did ancient emperors live so short?It has a lot to do with the concubine system.

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Understand the ancient history of friends have such a concept, in ancient China, a lot of at an early age he began to reign as the emperor, it is because they the previous emperor die earlier, there are a lot of short-lived emperor in Chinese history, such as the period of han emperor of han dynasty, and han and emperor, and Song Ying emperor of song dynasty, and in the late qing dynasty emperor,What made these emperors live so short?There were many reasons for the emperor’s short life, such as disobedience, infirmity, and hard work, but the main reason was ruined in his private life.There were many such emperors. As early as the Qin Dynasty, there was a king, Huhai, the son of Qin Emperor Ying Zheng.But Huhai was too young for some Kings.Legend has it that Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty would play a game of “role play” with his maids, pretending to be merchants and letting them pretend to be buyers.In addition, he often took advantage of his noble status to molest civilian women, who would take her to the palace. When he was in power, the number of concubines reached the peak, and he also paid the price for his adultery. In the prime of his life, he looked emaciated when he should have been mighty and strong, and soon died.The Emperor of Ming Dynasty had worse than him, that is, in January, the son of Heaven Zhu Changluo, after his father Emperor Wanli left for the west, Zhu Changluo ascended to the throne, but he has been in the harem, enjoying his son’s day, only a month later, the new emperor died of sudden illness.In China, the limit of the emperor system actually has a lot of, also have a lot of people can control the emperor, especially the young emperor, the queen mother, for example, if the new emperor ignore, the queen mother will punish the emperor, prime minister and minister of many also can supervise and urge the emperor, but successive emperors were found a loophole, that is his personal life, can the emperor in his own harem completely release,The system of serving the emperor was also in vain.In the history of development, gradually formed a shi tomb system, this system can restrict the time and frequency, luck his emperor wanted enough is enough, don’t infatuated with women, should be concerned about, but the system has almost no effect in any of the dynasty, emperor has many concubines want more luck, the emperor was thinking, the queen mother also want to have grandchildren,Ministers also wanted to see their daughters marry the emperor to give birth to the dragon seed.Actually shi lay system are not the same in every dynasty, the emperor’s concubines quantity many, the emperor who all don’t know, may be the earliest time will be concubines “recommendations”, each other during the reign of liu bang, he is under the recommendations of other concubines luck thin lady, very lucky, is the luck make thin lady got pregnant with the Chinese emperor,But this kind of recommendation model is obviously not a good method.Later, there came the theory of portraits. Painters would put concubines on the drawings for the emperor to choose, but the emperor was greatly troubled by this. The biggest problem was that the portraits did not match himself.Since the artists could not be trusted, the emperors wanted to challenge the new way of choosing pictures without looking at them, just like opening a blind box, which was so exciting. This was the “card flipping system” in the Qing Dynasty, and a special organization named “Jing Shi Fang” was formed at that time to take charge of the emperor’s nightlife.Will mention here as the characters in ancient emperor yongzheng emperor, his reign although time is not long, but he devoted by decades of time to the qing dynasty was once again the first in the world, this is related to him about the new worship room, if one of the emperor himself in the evening time for all the concubines, how strong you are, his countryYongzheng stipulated that the jing Shi Fang should strictly limit the time of the emperor’s stay in the harem. If the emperor’s interest did not exceed the specified time one day, the Jing Shi Fang had the right to take the concubines away by force directly. The emperor could not punish the Jing Shi Fang, but should examine himself and reward the Jing Shi Fang.Yongzheng not only asked himself this, he also asked the emperor to strictly abide by it and not change it.However, the emperor is always the honor of the ninth five, Yongzheng’s wish did not come true, the emperor of the late Qing Dynasty also appeared a short life and weak situation, although not necessarily in private life, but more or less some contact.Ancient emperors lived for a short time, so the next king would be younger, which would cause many reasons, such as ministers monopolizing power and eunuchs in chaos. Every event would increase the burden of the people. As the feudal Qing Dynasty withdrew from the stage of history, concubines also became history.Do you think the ancient emperor why short life, short life of the emperor you know who?