Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the entrance ceremony of these several guiders are Qingdao girls

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was splendid. The graceful and confident guide girls holding snowflake shape brand of each national and regional team became a beautiful scenery line at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Among them, no.1 guide Jing Dian, liu Lu, who guided the Australian team to the entrance, bai Xiaofei, who guided the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Bach, are Qingdao girls.She was the first to hold a sign through the Door of China Qingdao No. 2 High School 2021 graduates MT Jingdian is now studying in the Fashion Performance major of fashion Communication College of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.Jing Dian was the league branch secretary of his class and deputy secretary of the general League branch of his school, and served as the temporary league branch secretary for the Winter Olympic Games.”I thank my country for giving me this precious opportunity.It’s my honor to do something for my country.As the guide of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, I know that we represent not only individuals, but also the image and style of China’s new youth.”Jing dian still remembers clearly that she was selected by Director Zhang Yimou for the first time on October 3, 2021.The opening ceremony of the fire out of the circle of the guide is from the university students in Beijing, although each person on the field only a few minutes, but behind it is countless times of “devil training”.The guide of each country and region delegation, holding the snowflake card with the name of the country and region in hand, leads the athletes to march in.The task was glorious and arduous, and there was no room for error.When the guide starts, the snowflake card should be in front of the chest, when the card is raised, it should be tilted above the head, and when it is raised, it should be vertical between heaven and earth.Although every girl’s physical condition is very different, but the movement must be practiced to the precise.”Every time I raised a sign, my eyes moist, every time I stood, my hands and feet numb, and I thought about giving up again and again, and I persevered.”Jing Dian remembers standing still for 50 minutes at the beginning of training.The director said, “Girls, stick to it and see where your limits are.”In spite of the pain all over her body, she kept her smile brighter, her legs tighter, her posture straighter, and even in the last few minutes, she could not restrain the trembling of her body and could not tell whether tears or sweat were on her cheeks, but kept her smile as bright as ever.In the opening ceremony, Jing Dian as no. 1 guide appeared.China door slowly opened, although this scene in the previous rehearsal countless times, but the real arrival of the moment, Jing Dian excited or can not be described.”Welcome to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Athletes!”Jingdian was the first person to pass through the Chinese gate when the Olympic Games opened.Liu Lu and Bai Xiaofei graduated from Qingdao Art School majoring in fashion performance in 2018. They enrolled in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in September 2021 to continue their undergraduate studies and serve as etiquette volunteers for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At the opening ceremony, Liu Lu guided the Australian team to enter the stadium, and Bai Xiaofei guided Mr. Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee.The facilitator’s job requires high coordination, so the girls are required to wear high heels and walk around the track and field during training.Many students heel wear out, some people walk and forget how to walk, a foot deep a foot shallow, guide card is also suddenly high and low.Practice to walk everyday, raise card and smile, Liu Lu, Bai Xiaofei does not feel hard, because this is the basic skill of dress performance, the high-heeled shoe that wears 10 centimeters tall walks T stage is one of exam content.During high school study, they won awards in professional skills competition for many times, and participated in the opening ceremony guide work, because there are professional skills “bottom”, two people go particularly steady.Qingdao Daily/Sea view news reporter Zhao Li