Captain of women’s hockey team posted “Another tough game today” before the women’s hockey game between China and Japan.

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On February 6, 16 PM 40 points, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team against the Japanese, after 12 years, to the Chinese women’s ice hockey team in the games, after the game, the Chinese female ice after 1-3 defeat to the Czech republic, in the opening phase quickly adjust state, in the game and Denmark, although it is 1-0 down, but the whole team don’t give up, continue to storm equaliser,And in the last two cities, 3-1 defeat opponents, to get a key victory on the road to qualification!Before today’s game, yu Bowei, the female ice captain, posted a blog to encourage the team.Original post: “Another fierce battle today!Anyway!The sisters are here!Come on!”Come on ice girls!Author: Shang Hui Editor: Guo Chaohao Responsible editor: Zhao Zhengnan Photo: Xinhua News Agency * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate source.