Football association response to the accusation: eat sea cucumber package hotel normal!Fan: Was the result normal?

2022-05-16 0 By

After China’s exit from the World Cup finals, some topics about the men’s soccer team went viral, such as the sea cucumber incident, luxury hotels, and luxury tour groups with hundreds of people.Today, the national football spokesman to accept an interview, specifically to respond to these questions.Wu Xi, the captain of the Chinese national team, said that he would eat two sea cucumbers a day, which improved his physical ability.The remark caused endless jeers from the fans.Many former players said Wu was a victim because he was forced to appear on camera to promote his sponsors.The spokesman said it was a legitimate business requirement for national team members to properly cooperate with sponsors.He said that the national team’s training and competition funds are mainly self-raised from the market sponsorship, which is also a return to the sponsors.For the national football team to play away sitting luxury charter, luggage have to pull up four big cars, some still take massage chair to away.After arriving in the local area, the team included luxury hotels, coaches and the team had more people than players, etc. The press spokesman said that the team had a clear division of responsibilities, including players, coaching staff, team management, team doctor, press officer, technical analysis, foreign affairs management, psychologist and chef. It was also normal for the team to have a large number of people.As for the package of luxury hotels, set up separate access, is to reduce contact with the outside world, to protect the health of the players.Summary is the national football team to do what is normal, you do not overcomment!Seeing this response, the fans did not calm down, directly fryer!It is said that there are many wrong and wrong people in the red team.The official response was not well received by the fans, who left a variety of sarcastic comments that tarnished the face of the national football team.Take a look at some of the hilarious comments.Some fans said: “Next time don’t eat sea cucumber, they probably won’t sponsor you, sea cucumber because your endorsement is not serious.There are fans blunt: The National football team is not because of the epidemic to charter a luxury hotel, which is the case before, a grand scene out to spend millions of dollars.There are fans satirizing the team’s analysts, you are not every day to analyze the game, to analyze the sea cucumber.Some fans summed it up: The National football team does everything normal, but the results are not normal.