When I was on my way to a Buddhist temple, I stumbled into a Taoist temple

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Guodong Zen Temple, quanzhou town, is located at the eastern foot of Qingyuan Mountain in Quanzhou. It also has a common name, south Shaolin. According to legend, it is the birthplace of martial arts in south China.The South Shaolin Temple was one of the places I checked in on my trip to Quanzhou, but I didn’t expect a Buddhist visit to end up in a Taoist temple next door.When I followed the navigation, found this magnificent “gate”, I think the South Shaolin Temple must be behind the “gate”, but the door closed, I can not enter ah.To the left side of the gate, there is a white gate, then this must be the South Shaolin Temple ah, so I went around the past.Before entering, as usual to the gate to a card.(I only took the picture without reading the words, otherwise I wouldn’t have realized my mistake…)I liked to walk around the palace, and when I went there, I found some grandmother cleaning the temple and some villagers worshipping. I thought the family was still strong.But, yeah, the more I look at it, the more I don’t feel right.Generally, worship in the partial temple is Manjusri, universal sages, arhat what, why are not here?There’s even a statue of a woman, a mother.Is the custom of temple here in Southern Fujian different?After entering the hall, the furnishings made me doubt. I stared at the “Big Buddha” in the main hall for a long time, but I couldn’t see which bodhisattva it was. And why was he still blushed?The two buddhas on the left and right also have a separate shrine, which does not look like a Buddhist temple.I saw an old man at the gate unsigning his signature, so I ran to ask him, saying: Isn’t the Shaolin Temple the Zen of Buddhism?Why does this look like a Taoist temple?Without looking up, he said to me, “Is this Taoism?I a face meng circle, I asked him: here is not shaolin temple?Where is the Shaolin Temple?He raised his arm and pointed back at the hill.I follow the direction of his fingers out of the main hall, found no way back hill ah, took out a mobile phone to see the map navigation, yes ah, is here.Turn around and around to the entrance of the main hall, to see the plaque wrote “East Prison travel palace”, as expected I went wrong.So where is the Shaolin Temple?I went back to the gate and found a small stone path, which was the way to the South Shaolin Temple.Travel is full of uncertainty and unexpected experiences, even when you have done your best preparation.The Dongyue Temple I saw this time, for example, is a gift that goes right. It makes me see the harmonious coexistence of Buddhism and Taoism.It has been worshipped by local people since it was built in the 22th year of the Song Dynasty (1152 AD), and the incense here is more prosperous than the Southern Shaolin Temple on the hill.When you travel, take things as they come, everything is the best arrangement.