Equipped with particle catcher, 87% high strength steel body, give you a safe “home”

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When buying a new car, we will pay attention to the safety performance, styling design, technology configuration and other aspects of the car. In order to better occupy the market, many new models will also improve the safety performance of the vehicle to a new height. As a new vehicle, vehicle safety is the most important.In terms of safety design, tanyue stands out at the same level.In addition to the obvious trendy appearance of consumers, practical space design, Tanyue also focuses on the practical needs of consumers, tailored for them, not only has a more popular styling and wide interior space, the interior of the model is also full of sense of science and technology;Tanyuk has also made great efforts in the safety functions of active and passive vehicles. Safety features that are not available in entry-level SUVs of other luxury brands are standard on Tanyuk, so tanyuk has been favored by consumers since its launch.87% of the high strength steel in the body design using up to 87% of the high strength steel, greatly improve the body robustness, overall body strength, torsional stiffness of the body greatly improved, but also into many intelligent, safety configuration,For example, traffic congestion assist, ACC adaptive cruise system, pre-collision safety protection system, panoramic bird ‘s-eye view visual parking assist, intelligent parking system, 7 airbags and so on, to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in the cockpit.It is with this rich safety configuration that Tanyue can reduce the safety risk of the occupants to the greatest extent and escort the daily travel of consumers. It can be compared with the models under the Volvo brand which focuses on safety.L2 level intelligent driving and exploration has achieved L2 level intelligent driving. TJA traffic congestion Assist system, combined with ACC3.0 adaptive cruise system and Lane Assist Lane keeping function, enables vehicles to drive at low speed and realize automatic following and Lane keeping in traffic congestion.Therefore, the exploration mountain has excellent performance in safe driving, accident avoidance and collision prediction.Truly free foot exploration is also equipped with ACC 3.0 advanced adaptive cruise system, with Stop&The Go function can automatically follow the car in front to accelerate, decelerate and even stop, and automatically start when the car is at a safe distance from the car in front and the car is stationary for less than 3 seconds. It can adapt to the traffic condition of frequent start and stop, truly liberate the feet and provide a more comfortable and respectable driving experience for the driver.The LTA lane-tracking assistance system will also be used to provide early warning when lanes diverge.Make driving more relaxed, comfortable besides, yue’s function is also very strong, in the process of the collision safety system Ø Pre – Crash impact protection system, to increase the yue’s active safety to the new standard, in the event of a collision when an alarm or braking or avoid such measures at the same time, and the seat belt tightening, but retain the gap closed skylights and Windows, guarantee the interior ventilation,Make driving more relaxed and secure;Tanyu is also equipped with particle catcher, which plays a good role in environmental protection. So what are the differences between particle catcher of different brands? Generally speaking, GPF uses wall-flow honeycomb ceramic as the carrier inside, and there are many parallel axial honeycomb channels in the carrier body.Exhaust is discharged from the open inlet hole through the porous wall surface of GPF carrier to the adjacent hole;At present, the country has not set up a unified standard, so different enterprises are completely independent in material selection, channel design and target working conditions.Usually, on the market of automobile products in different configuration models, there will be a different security configuration scheme, will be more airbags and more advanced intelligent driving assistant system into the vehicle configuration, including yue is one of the model performance is very good, if you are a attaches great importance to the safety of consumers, the agent yue not to be missed!