Junan No. 5 Kindergarten in Linyi city connects children with children scientifically

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Lu Network March 25 – In order to deal with the continuity and stage problems of the connection between children and children, the work of the connection between children and children should be oriented to all children in the guiding ideology, and promote the comprehensive development of children’s body, intelligence, morality and beauty. In view of the physical and mental development characteristics of children, Junan Five Primary kindergartens in Linyi City actively create conditions from reality.Through the rich and colorful educational activities, the creation of educational environment, the management of daily life, the development of parents and other ways to promote the physical and mental development of children.Help children to walk the “slope” from kindergarten to primary school, for children to enter the primary school smoothly and individual development to create the greatest possibility.Junan No. 5 Kindergarten firstly takes children as the foundation, carries out activities according to the law of physical and mental development, corrects the guiding ideology and strengthens the sense of connection.Secondly, carry out educational activities, strengthen the management of daily life, promote the connection between young and young;Finally, strengthen the contact and communication with primary schools, do a good job as parents, and form a joint educational force.The importance of learning quality is also emphasized in the “Indicators of Learning and Development for Children aged 3-6”, which points out that “showing a positive attitude and good behavior tendency in the process of children’s activities is a valuable quality necessary for lifelong learning and development, and children’s curiosity and learning interest should be fully respected and protected.Help children gradually develop positive, serious and focused, not afraid of difficulties, dare to explore and try, willing to imagine and create good learning qualities.It is short-sighted and harmful to ignore the cultivation of children’s learning quality and simply pursue knowledge and skills learning.”It has positive significance to promote children’s comprehensive quality, improve the education system and scientifically allocate education resources. Therefore, teachers in charge of preschool education should practice Tao Xingzhi’s education concept of “life is education” and do a good job in the education of preschool education.(Correspondent Nie Lijun) Source: Lu Net