22041 arranged five first award trend

2022-05-18 0 By

There was no time for data interruption in the previous period.Only provide 05/27++ to individuals, out of 59++ missed, the prize is not easy to catch.The grand prizes of this issue are as follows: Thousand place: 27,495 hundred place: 162,738 Place: 163,827 place:5491649/27/38/1649/38/27/165/27/38/55/38/27/55/16/16/549/16/16/1649/16/16/495 + + 49 27 + + 16 4 yet to 16 head but feel this is a good set of code.I’m gonna focus on this set of codes.Personal optimistic 5 want to go up prize, match middle belly 65+1 6+51.Data prediction, code without absolute, voluntary reference, act accordingly!Wish you good luck in the lottery!The final hint, the prize is not good to grasp, win the prize to rely on luck, bet accordingly.[rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose][rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose][rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose] [rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][Rose]