Danzhou maritime police seized 3 fishing boats suspected of illegal fishing

2022-05-18 0 By

Danzhou Maritime Police Bureau has been strengthening supervision and inspection of fishery production by sending several law enforcement boats to carry out special inspection activities. Within 3 days, 3 illegal vessels and 36 people involved were seized, suspected of illegally fishing more than 18,000 kilograms of pantosnail seedlings.At 20 o ‘clock on February 10, danzhou Marine Police bureau received a report from the public that illegal fishing boats were fishing for snail snails in waters near Binma Jiao, Danzhou.Called, the agency shall, in accordance with the policy of “shore command, and to the sea”, in view of the ships involved in an attempt to use the fog and the night on this characteristic, combined with dynamic jurisdiction screw distribution, shipping, actual sea state and so on carries on the thorough analysis, take the data summary, information analysis, tracking, out of the way, quickly locked 2 ships involved, spirit and assign the boat to the target area for investigation.At 20:30, the lingbei boat arrived in the waters near Bingma Kok and found two suspected ships. The coast police officers immediately shouted through loudspeakers and ordered them to stop the ship and visit for inspection in accordance with the law. On the spot, 22 people involved in the case and about 13500 kilograms of nail snail seedlings were seized.After investigation, the two suspected ship captains failed to provide legitimate and valid fishing licenses on the spot, suspected of fishing without a license.The maritime police officers took the two fishing boats back to danzhou Maritime Police Bureau for investigation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.On February 12, fuwan boat of Danzhou Marine Police Bureau, during patrol and law enforcement, again seized a boat that failed to operate according to the fishing permit. 14 people involved were caught on the spot, suspected of illegally fishing about 4700 kilograms of pantoconch seedlings.At present, the three cases are being further handled.