How much of the old game do you remember?

2022-05-18 0 By

What are you doing on this happy and joyful day of Spring Festival?Have you gone crazy?Whether it is to pay New Year’s greetings, or stay at home, are playing non-stop.Especially in those days of toys and pedals, do you remember what games you played as a kid to keep you entertained?At that time, you did not play the old game in small groups, such as, eagle catch chicken, alias is weasel catch chicken and big bad Wolf drag pig.One “eagle”, one “hen”, many “chicks”.This game is good for physical exercise, cultivate the sense of solidarity and mutual help, enhance the ability of flexibility and adaptability.Hide and seek, also known as hide and seek, with a cloth or blindfold eyes, after counting ten numbers, to find the first hide for the next round of seeker.This game exercises observation and analysis, orientation and motor skills.Lifting the sedan chair, also called tossing it, one person holds the wrist of the other’s right hand with his left hand, and the younger or lighter ones sit on the bridge.While carrying the sedan chair, while singing children’s songs: “Yizhi yizhi move, qi Luo Qi Luo bang, flower bridge carrying the bride, crackling boom.”This game tests the writing ability of the partners, and the sense of trust between each other.Have you ever played another old game whose name you can’t remember for a while?If you want to retrieve the memory fragments of your childhood, you may wish to read the book “Old Games, Old Times” edited by Zhang Runxi. Reliving the joy of your childhood may make you feel that the Spring Festival at that time was more like the New Year.