Loran Sini doors and Windows to join conditions?Roland Sini doors and Windows franchise fee how much?

2022-05-18 0 By

Luo Lanxi doors and Windows headquarters is located in Foshan, Guangdong province, focus on the development and production of high-end doors and Windows, after more than ten years of precipitation, now has developed into a large manufacturer with tens of thousands of square meters.Therefore, some owners looking for doors and Windows brand to join, want to know about the conditions and costs of Joining Loran Sini doors and Windows, so today I will explain it to you.What are the conditions for joining Loran Sini doors and Windows?Franchisees should have rich experience in the building materials industry and sufficient funds.Shop area should be more than 150 square meters, according to the headquarters requirements of decoration.Deposit.Roland Sini doors and Windows franchise fee how much?The franchise fee of Roland Sini doors and Windows is actually not much, about 2W.To spend much, mainly is the sample charge and the cost of these two aspects, if it is to open a 150 – square – meter store in the mall, add up all the costs, at least 30 to 500000, therefore, recommend choosing brand, must find a few more brands comparison, find a stronger competitive brands to join, this business will be more easily.For example: Alps doors and Windows, Emperor pai, Hennessy, new standard these, the popularity is very high, especially Alps doors and Windows, many owners know this brand, and the quality is also good, the price is particularly high.If you have time, you can really compare this brand.About the conditions of Joining Roland Sini doors and Windows, how much money is the franchise fee of Roland Sini doors and Windows, these two problems, we will explain here, I hope to provide you with a reference role.