Men’s “yang-consuming” behavior rankings were published, staying up late ranked sixth, doctors advised: can not do not do

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According to traditional medicine, Yang qi mainly comes from parents and diet, and is transformed through their own behavior and habits.Body temperature adjustment, physical trauma repair, emotional ups and downs, work exercise diet, marital life and so on all need to take a toll on Yang qi.Yang qi determines the basic metabolism of human body and the conservation of substances, determines growth and development, birth, aging, illness and death.It was recorded in Neijing that those who gain Yang will live, while those who lose Yang will die. This means that people with sufficient Yang in their bodies are not prone to illness and their immunity will be enhanced.Once Yang qi is exhausted, death intensifies, damaging health.People who see Yang deficiency in their lives have weakened physical activities and are unable to resist external cold.Especially in middle age, Yang qi is losing money.Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to kidney essence, Yang Qi, yiyin essence.Knowing how to keep healthy hands need to develop Yang qi, so as to retain qi, jing Ying is qi sheng, many men can not do this, blind recuperation, but is not good for health.Male Yang deficiency has the following performance: weak urine, urine frequency urgent, with proteinuria, foam urine and other turbidurine phenomenon.Insomnia dreams, night sweats spermatorrhea, sweating, poor sleep quality.Black eyes, heavy dark circles.Spirit dispirited limbs weak, often backache.Vision and hearing loss, memory like a fish.Often cold fever cough, dry cough, cough woke up in the middle of the night.Start bald hair, the occurrence of whitehead speed up.Loose teeth, lack of bite force, can not eat hard things.Wake up in the morning still not energetic, dizziness and headache.Loss of appetite, loss of appetite, weight loss.Male Yang on behalf of their own health, many bad habits in life will not lose Yang increased disease may especially the following habit must be corrected.5, stay up late, lack of sleep as we all know, Yang sheng at noon and Yang decline at night, in order to make up for Yang, we must adapt to nature, time changes, this is what we call the biological clock.Try not to sleep more than 11 o ‘clock at night, when the liver and kidney damage, cell repair, cleaning detoxification, long-term stay up will lead to increased probability of acute disease.We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and we need immersive sleep at night to recharge and fully recover from our hard work during the day.Lack of sleep naturally makes Yang qi decline, reduce immunity and lead to disease.4, irregular work and rest as the saying goes, good sunrise, sunset and rest, sunrise does not wake up, sunset does not sleep belongs to the sky.Staying up all night long can be bad for your health.Contrary to the law of nature, when the sun rises, Yang qi rises, if you do not wake up at this time, nature contradicts the biological clock, resulting in no vital energy in the body, serious and minor diseases.Abide by the law of energy conservation, if you do not get up on time in the morning, Yang can not be converted into hydrogen discharge, and gradually accumulate in the body and increase the risk of disease. Therefore, we must develop regular habits in life, go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, do not sleep late, and do not sleep all night.3, overdraw the body for a long time overload overdraw the body will naturally damage Yang, resulting in increased risk of disease, reduce physical quality, although men do not lack fish and meat, nutritional supplements, but long-term work and study pressure lead to physical and mental fatigue, damage Yang and even increase the risk of disease.In life, we must understand the reasonable collocation of time, combine work and rest, talk to relatives and friends if there is a burden. Negative emotions are a big killer that affects physical health. In order to be healthy, we must relax our body and mind and help the sublimation of Yang qi.Good for androgen problems.2, eating unhealthy life level enhancement, natural diet structure more complex and diverse, men are very picky for food, like an expanded food taste, malatang, for example, hot pot and braise in soy sauce meat, and so on, while the food delicious, but single nutrients, eating too much is not good for health, but beneath the digestive system of kidney function, increase the risk of suffering from diseases.Unhealthy diet is easy to lead to excessive loss of Yang qi abnormal spleen and stomach function, accumulation of moisture in the body, dry mouth, thick coating on the tongue, weakness of limbs, listlessness and so on.In order to make themselves more awake, male friends often take a cold shower to motivate themselves, but if the four seasons regardless of solar terms, all take a cold shower, it is not conducive to the rise of Yang qi.Cold and hot were the control groups. Cold showers in winter would cause vasoconstriction and spasm, and the oxygen supply capacity of the heart would be poor. Low temperature environment would easily lead to slow blood flow and increase the risk of disease.Healthy New Year