50W firm offer 71 days, today’s profit of 10000 yuan

2022-05-19 0 By

Affected by the international situation improved news last night, the global stock market has risen, today the a-share three major indexes continue to rise, led by “industrial machinery”, “assembly construction”.Today holding shares in the performance of the rules, no amazing and no pull hip.All day up 1.51%, amplitude of 2.11%, transaction amount 1.574 billion yuan.1. Affected by the good news last night, there will be a high probability of an upward rush after the opening today. After the stable opening price, we will buy 2000 shares by financing, and then the price will rise and sell smoothly.2. After the stock price rose, it fell below the average, but it did not increase its volume, so it bought again and sold smoothly.3. I made a mistake today. The stock price fell back after soaring in the morning.Although up today, but the amount can be significantly reduced, for tomorrow’s trend, there is no judgment now, can only be in the open after the strain, if the early session continues to rush high, should be decisive out of today’s locked financing.