“I am on duty during the Spring Festival” this Spring Festival is very warm to stick to the construction site

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This article is from: Gong Bin, People’s Daily online, inspecting the project.”When I first arrived here two years ago, it was just an empty lot. By March 18, 2022, the project I am now in will be completed and delivered.”On February 2, reporters in haikou Financial Center project design and construction general contracting (EPC) project to see the safety inspection is Gong Bin.Gong Bin is China railway engineering (shenzhen) co., LTD. Haikou financial center of guangzhou bureau group project installation, vice manager, “the second Spring Festival this year is my duty, because I haven’t married, so want to have a family, with children can return home with his family, colleagues in the project also has a lot of no set back to brother, I just want to stay here for a year with them.”Gong Bin introduction, for the sake of taking care of the workers don’t go home during the Spring Festival, also arranged for a variety of small programs on the project to let co-workers, a sweet, happy Chinese New Year, such as organization everyone eat dumplings on New Year’s eve gala, organization everyone in batches to the cinema to see New Year movie, efforts to let everybody have a comfortable and happy New Year.Haikou Financial Center Project EPC project.At 7:30 am, Gong bin started his first safety inspection of the day. “Wear a safety helmet and pay attention to production safety,” he said.Gong bin repeats these words many times a day.”Right now the Spring Festival, here some of the workers will inevitably want to home, sometimes will be relaxed on the safety in production of this string, while workers here only more than 20 people, but also must ensure everyone’s safety, so I to inspect at least 4 times a day, without wearing a helmet, the boy who did not wear reflective clothing I will remind immediately.No matter what time, we must urge everyone to work safely and do a good job of personal safety protection, which is not only responsible for the individual workers, but also responsible for their families.”Gong Bin said.As the Spring Festival approaches, Gong Bin, who has not been back home for two years, also wants to tell his family his heart, “Due to the epidemic and the construction period, I can’t go back home for the Spring Festival this year. Everything is fine in Hainan, please don’t worry about it.In terms of the project, this year’s New Year has the condolences of leaders, the concern of colleagues at the construction site, also makes me feel warm, I will stick to the good post here, the value of the New Year this class.I also wish you all a happy and healthy Chinese New Year.”