Yuxi to prepare for the 16th provincial games

2022-05-19 0 By

Yunnan Net news (reporter Pu Meiling) the 16th provincial Games will be held in Yuxi on August 8 this year.Yuxi city promoted the high position, the strength of the whole city to run the provincial games, as a good host, earnestly do all the preparatory work.On February 9, the reporter learns from yuxi city province 16th games organising committee, at present, undertake game of 28 venues in the city repair renovation projects, 20 venue has been completed and reach the standard provincial games venues, five venues temporary construction should be carried out before the game, the main stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool three venues will be in the first quarter of this year the completion acceptance and put into trial operation.The 16th provincial games of youth group, university group, staff group, the public group competition set up 44 major items, 1039 minor items, there will be athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, actors, media reporters, etc., including more than 30,000 people to participate.Centering on the goal of running the provincial Games well with high specifications, high quality and high level, In September 2021, Yuxi issued the preparatory work plan, with the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the mayor as the director of the preparatory committee. The overall framework of the preparatory committee is composed of the relevant municipal leaders and the main heads of the 45 municipal departments concerned, and the main heads of the county (city, district) governments.Fourteen working offices have been set up to clarify responsibilities, refine the division of labor and fulfill responsibilities. They will do their best to make preparations through joint office, front-line office and platform office.Around the key tasks, Yuxi city to tight time node, compaction work responsibility, to ensure clean, simple, wonderful competition.Yuxi will make preparations for the 16th provincial Games and the 12th Provincial Paralympic Games, consider the integration of meeting the needs of the games and the market operation of venues, and steadily improve the level of service guarantee.Yuxi city actively prepares for the competition, and earnestly does a good job in the construction of policy guarantee system, athlete selection and team formation, coach team construction, basic training of sports skills, logistics services and other work.The province will actively develop shooting, track and field, canoeing and other competitive events, and strive to complete the mission of yuxi delegation.According to the provincial games participants, Yuxi city also six counties, two districts and a city of more than 500 hotels, guesthouses, hotels and so on, to ensure that the number of housing resources, restaurants during the games sufficient, excellent quality.At present, the city is scientifically planning and pragmatically promoting emergency support, security, medical and health care, information technology, voluntary services, financial management and audit, and striving to provide high-quality services for the event.