Hefei Emergency rescue base: seasonal maintenance is timely

2022-05-20 0 By

China construction news dispatch (the JHF) to further increase the flood control and security work, strengthening the management of vehicles, rescue equipment, equipment, and ensure that the rescue tasks such as sin is completed, April 8, China can set hefei emergency rescue personnel al-qaeda has been working intensively to carry out the change garments according to the maintenance, in order to make its recovery technique performance,Keep the best state of “waiting for war at any time and sustaining war”, and lay a solid foundation for flood control and war preparation.Before the start of the seasonal maintenance work, for the high standard to complete the seasonal maintenance work, the special mobilization and deployment of al-qaeda, the organization of theory teaching, meticulous patience to teach experience and practice, so that the rescue team will check, will repair, will maintain, build a strong all the equipment as “second life” love tube installation consciousness.Develop detailed maintenance standards, strictly in accordance with the basic requirements of “process step by step, equipment one by one, fault check one by one”, so that the scale of seasonal maintenance is more and more clear, to ensure that equipment can be connected, run, win.”You must fill the butter, the better the lubrication, the longer the service life of the excavator…””The oil in this car has gone bad. Change the oil.””The wheel hub bearing seal ring is damaged and needs to be replaced. When installing, pay attention to evenly smear a layer of grease on the edge.”…Walking into the equipment maintenance site of the base, you can see that everyone gets under the car, cleans the oil pipe, removes rust and brushes the paint, and replaces the parts…Dismantle, wipe, clean skillfully, work carried out in a tense and orderly manner.Base backbone on-site guidance, teach maintenance experience.Everywhere you see is their busy figure, they strictly in accordance with the steps of fine maintenance of equipment, to ensure that every part can be cleaned care, every equipment can be maintained.Driver zhangyu as a professional backbone of 15 years, engaged in driving meticulously to guide the driver team for equipment maintenance, big to the vehicle’s car capacity, small to the tightness of screws, every maintenance equipment he pursuit of perfection, to ensure that the base equipment does not fail when carries out the task, the key moment on top.In the maintenance process, the personnel of the hydraulic pump, rescue lighting system, small generators and other 4 sets of equipment, 31 sets of digging equipment and equipment and 20 sets of special equipment for a comprehensive maintenance, detailed inspection of hidden dangers.Repair or replace the damaged equipment in time, make up the missing equipment in time, and enhance the familiarity with the equipment.Ensure all equipment and vehicles are in good condition.Jian-kun liu stressed, director of the base, to fully recognize the importance of current equipment maintenance, only by constantly enhance the consciousness of tubes with love, to rescue equipment maintenance, the battle effectiveness of equipment can be fully restored and ascension, in the rescue court to play the biggest power, high efficiency to finish the task, the final victory!