How to make the key to erase the number?

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In the process of key management, whether we use the key cabinet or the key tray, we will make a number for each key. The number here is not limited to numbers, but may also be words or other marks.Anyway, this number will let the user know which lock it corresponds to.However, when we use them at high frequency or for a long time, these numbers will inevitably disappear or be damaged due to friction.Some people with “ulterior motives” can also easily change and destroy these numbers, thus affecting the enterprise.The number in the key cabinet The number in the key cabinet Is there a way to keep these numbers from being erased or destroyed?Let’s first sum up the way to number keys in the past: 1. Number each key with a key chain and then tie it together; 2.2. Use label paper to mark the corresponding mounting position in the key cabinet;3. Directly paste the number on the key;With these commonly used markings, it is difficult to keep the key in an orderly way for long;Even if there is a manager always guarding will be “powerless”.So, what is the purpose of numbering keys?It’s not the keys that we’re managing, it’s the rooms or devices that those keys open.Now that we want to manage without letting numbers disappear, we can go straight to the root of the problem.What is the root of the key card problem?It’s actually these numbers that you set up.Wouldn’t it be possible to solve these problems if we didn’t have these numbers or if we made them exist in a different way?Since there are security holes in traditional management methods, we reject traditional management methods.Use a key cabinet with automatic positioning function can be easily solved, you may feel that there are so many smart key cabinets on the market, why must use automatic positioning function?In fact, the main difference here lies in the problem of “numbering”. Key cabinets without automatic positioning function mostly use the way of “bright label”. You can understand it as changing a kind of intelligent carrier, but the number is still which number.The key cabinet of the automatic positioning function is different. It uses the “dark label” method, which does not set the number and position of each key. These numbers will only be displayed in the management platform.In addition, the position of the key in the cabinet is also random, and we can insert it into any empty space when we return it.Since there is no clear label and location, so we want to use the location is not where?Don’t worry, actually this automatic positioning function key cabinet will adopt the authentication + management platform + hint of light design, the system will automatically identify our authorized keys, when we opened the cupboard door, the key to the authorized above the light will light up silently, and release to reveal a state, as for the keys without permission will be firmly locked, can’t remove.Automatic positioning sensor Automatic positioning sensor in this way, no clear number exists, and no clear location exists.We also do not have to worry about the number is erased or damaged, some “ulterior motives” people can not drill management loopholes, so as to achieve standardized management.