Indian wunderkind predicts: April 4th will be even more disastrous!Two key points for global equity markets

2022-05-20 0 By

Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks have retreated in recent days as the global epidemic continues and the war in Russia and Ukraine worsens global economic uncertainty.Indian child prodigy Abhigya Anand predicted in his latest film that there would be a major correction in financial markets on March 16, but that does not mean there will be no crisis. At that time, global stock markets rebounded sharply, and some netizens criticized the Indian child prodigy again.In his prediction, Anand pointed out that the economic problems will be more severe on April 4. After April 13, gold and silver prices will rise sharply, and silver will rise to a record high, so you can consider investing.Indian child prodigy anand late last year predicted that the economy will be affected by a lot, especially in March 2022 to April, the tune, in addition to the global COVID – 19 outbreak again and again, suddenly initiated at the end of February to Ukraine and Russia war, the geopolitical situation in heating fuel investors worry, global stock markets are volatile, with netizens described Indian child prodigy again.However, the recent financial market volatility may not be the worst, as anand released the latest prediction film on February 24, pointing out that “Kala Sarpa Yoga (Indian astrochart)” is affecting the world, will cause a very strong and serious crash in the financial market stock market, especially in March and April,Three key time points were also pointed out, including 16 March, 4 April and 13 April.All this is now tied to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, anand said, and the Martian forces are extremely strong in conjunction on April 4, further increasing the intensity and intensity of solving economic problems.Anand said that after April 13, both gold and silver will rally sharply, and we will see silver hit record highs, and there will need to be a shift to safer assets until the end of 2022, when the market will start to improve.This prophecy thing is for reference only.