Jin Yong: The three main characters learn martial arts in order. What will happen if the order is reversed?

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The person that has seen gu Long wuxia and seen Jin Yong wuxia again knows, the river’s lake that gu Long writes is unrestrained and unrestrained, do not stick to a stroke;The world under Jin Yong’s pen is orderly and orderly, even with rules and rules.In Jin Yong’s martial Arts, there are three protagonists who learn martial arts in sequence.If they learned martial arts once order, the three leading role, some will be difficult to enter masters ranks, become a martial arts low secondary character, some may even die in the process of XueWu handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember first, zhang mowgli, many people know zhang mowgli is to first learn sun siddhi, then learn a big move;If first let Zhang Wuji practice qiankun move, then practice Jiuyang Shengong, what will happen?Words zhang Wuji can quickly put the “heaven and earth moving” practice customs clearance, not because Zhang Wuji has how unique martial talent, but the credit of Jiuyang Shen Gong!If Zhang Wuji in no jiuyang shen gong when get “heaven and earth moving”, he may not be as good as the magic before the Lord Yang sky practice fast, then Zhang Wuji will not become the top master of the sky.It is very likely to be in the practice of heaven and earth moving when the fire into the devil, end up in the sun sky an outcome!That is to say, if Zhang Wuji first practice qiankun big move and then practice Jiuyang Shen Gong, then Zhang Wuji in the face of qiankun big move, has lost most of the destiny, there is no Jiuyang Shen Gong what thing.Guo Jing Huang Rong second, Guo Jing Guo Jing has not learned “dragon 18 palm” before, is with quanzhen school big teacher ma Yu learned “sleeping martial arts” — that is, authentic Quanzhen school internal strength.If Guo Jing in learning “dragon 18 palms” before, there is no authentic Quanzhen school of internal strength as the foundation, and did not drink dry boa abdominal blood, what will happen?So The end of Guo Jing, is likely to be a copy of the history of the dragon!How was Shi Huolong crippled and paralyzed in “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon”?It is because of the poor foundation of their own internal skills, but also forced to learn “dragon eighteen palms”, the result of their own practice into a disability, also just practice twelve palms!If Guo Jing did not first practice quanzhen school of internal strength, but directly first practice “dragon eighteen palms”, then Guo Jing may be hemiplegia, or have the risk of death!There is no generation of giant warrior just think about it, after the practice of “dragon eighteen palms” hemiplegia Guo Jing, and then to practice the internal strength of quanzhen school, or practice nine Yin zhen Jing.Also can not cure hemiplegia, can only become a disabled person in the first-class master duan Yu third, Duan Yu Duan Yu learn martial arts order, is first practiced into the North god gong, and then sucked some people’s internal force, and in the middle of the time to realize the “six pulse sword” meaning.So, what if Duan Yu got the sword of six veins first, and then, like Linghu Chong, jin Yong gave him the “Northern Ghost” at the end of the series?The answer is very obvious, even if Duan Yu has become a six-vein magic sword, this “six-vein magic sword” also has no power.If such a Duan Yu had a fight with Murong Fu, Murong Fu would hold Duan Yu to death!”Six veins divine sword” is to be assisted by deep internal force, without internal force, this “six veins divine sword” may also be able to fight wine with drunkards!Therefore, Master Jin Yong must first give him a rapid increase in internal force of the “Northern Ghost”.In conclusion, jin Yong’s three protagonists, Zhang Wuji, Guo Jing and Duan Yu, would have been second-rate masters at best if they had learned martial arts in reverse order, or at worst, their lives would have been at risk!