West Lake: Shuangpu Waizhang Village activates beautiful economy with creativity

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Warm sun in the sky, boundless green fields.Rice paddies are dotted with white terraced buildings with freshly poured asphalt roads in front of them.A closer look reveals chic recessed round Windows, a retro coffee room and a spacious terrace.Outside the glass window, green everywhere, what a beautiful picture of the countryside.This “rice field coffee” online celebrity punch card space, which combines “food, photography and leisure parties”, has been open for more than a month in Waizhang Village, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, on the banks of the Qiantang River, with more than 100 groups of visitors per day.The village has become more beautiful, attracting tourists.”In the next village improvement, we will try to absorb more fashion elements.”Yu Guocan, party secretary of Waizhang Village, said more Internet celebrities will be set up to activate the rural economy with creativity.”Look at this, yes!One more, take a step forward, raise your arm…”Into the “rice field coffee” network red card space, the reporter saw many teams are shooting, which is full of running children.Stretch CAI, the manager of Rice field Coffee, told reporters that at present, customers mainly shoot children’s clothes, and there are more teams in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Huzhou.It’s hard to imagine that just a year ago, this was a deserted, dilapidated old factory filled with building materials and garbage.”Rice field coffee” is the predecessor of shuangpu town outside zhang village ferry no. 1 market, was originally a mechanical equipment factory.Because the economic benefit is not very good, since the factory moved, the old factory has been vacant.”I walked by and saw the rice paddies right away.”Stretch fell in love with Wazhang Village at first sight.Early last year, they kept the original building form and historical traces of the old factory, only repainted the facade, with emphasis on soft decoration, which blends the rustic look with modern trends.Some of the old factory waste is also being reused: dark green shelving for rust-stained doors;The dilapidated old gatehouse, with its exposed grey cement walls, has been transformed into a simple wooden cabin.The courtyard full of flowers and the wall piled up with rocks make us feel as if we were in an island……”This is my third store. The first two are in riverside.””I came here to take a different path.”To him, it seemed like a healing place for urbanites, with the sound of cicadas and frogs, the scent of grass and a place to rest after a busy day.In addition to its paddy fields, Wazhang boasts a beautiful river view, which has attracted more entrepreneurs to the village.Along the river in the south of Zhang Village, there is also a hidden network photography base.From the appearance of this house is no different, but after the theme positioning, professional beautification design, modern sense appears: warm coffee color of the outer wall, white Windows along the soft ornament, stone paved rest area, several clear sunshade unique…”The landlord has been out for a long time, and the blank is rented out.Zhang Jianhua, member of the village committee of Wazhang Village, said, “There are still a lot of tourists who come here to take photos.”In between these two points, there are many vegetable and fruit greenhouses.Many visitors, fruit farmers thought lively up.”Although the strawberry season is over, there are mulberries, dragon fruits and netted melons behind. We can not worry about the experience, but also organize the garden activities.”Fruit greenhouse boss Chen Weidong envision way.Villager Zhang Guobao also seized the opportunity, using his house to open a farmhouse restaurant, small business booming.Located in the east of Shuangpu Town and adjacent to Fuchun River in the south and Qiantang River in the north, Waizhang Village, formerly known as “Jiangxian Market”, is a well-known “Jiangxian Market”.In recent years, in order to create a beautiful rural boutique village in the West Lake District, the nearly 8-mu area of Xiaoyu Jia Longtan in Waizhang Village has taken on a new look, and the nearly 1,000-meter colorful walking path along chaoyang Road stretches along the water.With the injection of fashion online celebrity industry, Wazhang Village has opened a new way of rural economic development.”While the online celebrity punch card space attracts a lot of people, it’s how to get people to stay.”Yu guocan said that across the yuanpu ferry is Wenyan, and there are several round-trip ferries every day.”In May, we will launch a new jiangxian Street, which will add a little fire to the Internet celebrity economy.””We want waizhang to have not only Jiang Xian, but also Internet celebrities.””Yu Guocan said.At present, Wazhang Village is actively planning to introduce creative teams and capital, use the old factory buildings and dwellings in the village, to create more online celebrity punch points, and bring new economic benefits to the village collective and villagers.In order to stimulate the collective development of the whole village’s agriculture and tourism industry, Waizhang Village has made every effort to build a tourist reception center of 5000 square meters. In the future, it will also actively promote the construction of b&B, Vibrant Water experience hall and other projects to enhance the new name card of Waizhang Village’s “water village tourism”.The leisure industry with the label of “rural roaming — Internet celebrity punching card — Farming experience” has risen strongly in Waizhang Village, playing the march of rural revitalization with new vitality.”Who is determined to explore the Internet celebrity industry in the countryside?”At the beginning of the village outside zhang, the reporter is holding such an idea.In-depth interview down, the reporter has a new perception: the trend and plain, bustling and natural, fast pace and slow life, strong contrast, really someone dare to “adventure” on the vast land.This is because they have seen the intangible value of rural beauty, committed themselves to rural industrial practice, and rebuilt their ideal building on the countryside.Short-term account, tourists bring popularity, enhance consumption, let the villagers more confident;Long-term account, radiate the surrounding industry, promote the birth of b&B and farmhouse, promote the depth of integration of agriculture and tourism, the “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” into reality, describe the beautiful rural well-off picture.(Source: Website of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government)