What is the seventh chord?What’s a ninth chord?Why seventh chords, ninth chords?

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Beethoven 137. What is seventh chord?What’s a ninth chord?Why seventh chords, ninth chords?What is the definition of a chord?– Questions from netizens…And: See Newton 35…(…Newton: The title of the novel……String: See Newton 44…Definition, meaning, definition: see Euclid 28…(…Euclid.Woodoo001:…The essence of chords is to pursue the most consonant relationship….Chords: see Beethoven 109~136…Essence, quality, essence: see Euclid 22…Harmony, harmony, concordance: see Beethoven 109…D: See Euclid 146…Relation, system, relation: see Euclid 75…[audio score between the two sound more simple, two sound the Concorde, vice versa Two more dissonant. In practice, in order to more intuitive, we to this relationship, the concept of “interval” is used to describe the. Such as the same degree (once) interval on the two sound frequency than the relationship of 1:1; octave interval on the two sound relationship between frequency than 2:1; five interval of two tone frequency than the relationship between the three:The two notes on these intervals all belong to “perfect consonant tone relations”, so these intervals are called “pure intervals”.But this kind of harmony, makes the chord each note is too stable, lacks the power of change….1. The properties of a substance;The property of a substance resulting from the presence of an ingredient: viscosity.Play ~.Medicine ~.Alkali ~.Oil ~.2. Suffix, added to a noun, verb, or adjective to form an abstract noun or attribute word that expresses a certain quality or property of something: dang ~.Discipline ~.Create a ~.To adapt to.Superior ~.Common ~.Congenital ~.Popular ~…See Euclid 10…Change, change, change: see Galileo 10…(…”Galileo” : Novel title…To solve this problem, seventh and ninth chords were introduced.A fourth seventh chord is formed by adding a third above the fifth note of a triad.It is called a “seventh” chord because the new note is a seventh interval from the root….Note, interval, interval: see Beethoven 80…In combination with the triad nature that makes up the seventh chord, there are major and minor seventh chords (minor seventh with the root at the top of the major triad) and…Sex, quality, nature: see Euclid 37…Greatly seventh chord (above major triads Add roots big seven degrees), small seven chords (above minor triads Add roots seven degrees), little big seventh chord (above minor triads Add roots big seven degrees), decrease the seventh chord (also known as “half seven chords”, a diminished triad above Add roots seven degrees), relief seventh chord (also called “seventh chord reduction”,The seven seventh chords are the minus seventh with the root added above the minus triad and the augmented seventh with the root added above the augmented triad.If all seven seventh chords are formed with c as the root, they are named C7, Cmaj7, Cm7, CmM7, CM7-5, Cdim7, and Cmaj7+5.A root ninth is added to the top of a seventh chord to form a five-note ninth chord.Classical chord theory holds that the five-note ninth chord is the limit of chord structure, and adding new notes is meaningless except adding too much dissonance….Scripture, Canon, classics: see Newton 196…Theory, theory, theory: see Euclid 5…Structure, structure: see Euclid 41…Pole, limit, limit: see Newton 202~321…Meaning, meaning, meaning: see Euclid 26…I am also studying on my own. How is it going?Buy a musical instrument and learn to play it, preferably a piano.Guitar, electronic organ and other harmonic instruments, convenient accompaniment pop music.If you don’t know the history, you can’t read it. If you don’t know the history, you can’t read it.Clear future welcome to pay attention to the headline “Game of Humanity”