Biden said U.S. forces killed Islamic State leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi, taking stock of U.S. wars

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Speaking at the White House on Thursday, Biden said the death of Islamic State leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi in a U.S. military raid in northwestern Syria had removed “a significant terrorist threat.”Senior American officials say Gulehi detonated a bomb on the third floor shortly after the STRIKE, killing him and his family.Qureshi took over from former leader ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed by THE U.S. military on October 31, 2019, and became a new target of the U.S. military.After a long investigation, U.S. forces found him hiding in a village in atmeh, a border town in The Turkish-backed Syrian rebel-held idlib province.In one corner of the village, a detached building surrounded by olive trees became a hideout for Qureshi and his family.Biden approved and watched the raid.About 50 US Special Operations troops landed on the roof in helicopters and clashed for two hours with the gunmen who were guarding them.Commandos closed in on qureshi’s room, where he detonated his vest, killing himself, his wife and children.Thirteen people were killed and there were no American casualties.U.S. commandos fled the scene quickly under cover of darkness.Then, Joe biden declared that “thanks to the courage of our troops, this terrible terrorist leader has ceased to exist”, biden accused shah mehmood qureshi deal with Syria in the northeast a prison there are at least 3000 islamic countries held captive by responsibility, and about 2014 Iraqi ya di people responsible for the genocide.The PRESIDENT of the United States loves to wage war.Some joke that he is responsible for America’s arms dealers.If there is no war for too long, who will the arms manufacturers sell to?The United States has waged more than 200 civil wars, invasions and interventions since its founding.The United States is a young country. It became independent in 1783, just over 200 years ago.Yet it has waged more than 200 wars and foreign military operations, an average of one a year!On a conservative estimate, the United States goes to war on average once every 10 years.Before the 20th century, the United States launched the War of Independence, the French War, the North African Pirate War, the Southern Indian War, the Anglo-American War, the Mexican-american War, the Western Indian War, and the Spanish-American War.In 1900, the EIGHT allied forces led by the United States invaded China.1902 – The Philippine-American War.The United States made the Philippines its own colony.1903 The United States invaded Honduras and Dominica.In 1915, the United States sent marines to occupy Haiti.1917-1918, the United States formally joined the Allies in World War I.In 1918~1919, the United States invaded Mexico nine times.1919 The United States invaded Honduras.From 1918 to 1920, the United States sent more than 13,000 troops to participate in the armed intervention against the Soviet regime in Russia.From 1941 to 1945, the United States entered World War II.And dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.From 1950 to 1953, the United States gathered many countries to form the “United Nations Army” and occupied North Korea.1958 The United States invaded Lebanon.In 1960, the United States formed a “United Nations Force” to invade Congo.In 1960, the United States invaded and occupied The Dominican Republic and assassinated its president.1961 The United States invaded Cuba.From 1961 to 1975, the United States initiated and participated in the Vietnam War.From 1975 to 1990, the United States supported its Allies against the Soviet Union and Cuba.In 1983, the United States invaded Grenada.1986 The United States invaded Libya.1987-1988, the United States launched a surprise attack on Iran.In 1989-1990, the United States invaded Panama and arrested its president.In 1990, the United States invaded Liberia.1991 The Gulf War began.Allied forces, led by American troops, attacked Iraq.From 1993 to 1994, the United States invaded Somalia.In 1994, the United States invaded Haiti.1998 U.S. air strikes in Iraq.In 1999, the United States went to war in Kosovo.2001 The United States went to war in Afghanistan.2003 The United States went to war in Iraq.The war began eight years ago when the United States launched a coalition against Saddam Hussein’s regime on suspicion that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.As a result, a country that was doing well was knocked around and nothing was found.The war in Afghanistan is America’s revenge for 9/11.On December 29, 2014, President Barack Obama officially declared the war in Afghanistan over.U.S. troops will not leave Afghanistan until August 31, 2021.Exactly 20 years have passed since the U.S. invasion in 2001.We always refer to Russia as a fighting nation, which is a joke on the Russians.The real fighting nation title, should be called war nation, should belong to USA.