Douban has been flooded with bad reviews and found the reason for the audience’s anger

2022-05-21 0 By

On April 2, the 32nd episode of The 35-episode drama Heart Dwelling, starring Hai Qing, Tong Yao, Zhang Songwen and Feng Shaofeng, was aired.Interestingly, The drama began airing on March 17, and has been on Douban for more than half a month. According to the latest reviews, the 32 episodes have been flooded with one-star and two-star negative reviews.Some viewers questioned the value of “Home in the Heart”, just a waste of resources to feed a bunch of B station ridicule video UP main, TV drama divorced from life.There are audience joke plot general, not profound and wordy, difficult to make people empathize.Others disliked the portrayal of women and questioned whether the writers were misogynistic or prejudiced against women.A one-star viewer wrote a long paragraph disapproving of the plot, suggesting that the screenwriter and director read more social news and get into the lives of ordinary people.However, through the douban page of the journal heart, will find television March 17 has just started, there are still a lot of praise, in the first two sets of the family of the common people, and people and group play is pretty good, stars have tension and conflict between the actors also enough, why reputation high low open, close a lot of bad review,Almost to the point of reputational collapse?In my opinion, for one thing, the plot is really not very grounded, as the later the more suspended.”Heart” the first few episodes are really good, foreign daughter-in-law wants to have their own home, to her husband hate steel, haiqing played Feng Xiaoqin and the old man in the family, as well as Tong Yao played Gu Qingyu conflicts are very realistic.But the later the plot is more and more irrelevant, a lot of the plot is too idealistic.For example, Feng Xiaoqin and Zhanxiang jointly started a business. They rented such a big place with such a big bedroom and luxurious decoration, which is far from the real nursing home. There are only ten old people coming and going.Business is business and charity is charity, and Zhan Xiang’s conflation of the two feels particularly unreal.The latest episode because moxibustion trigger the smoke alarm, all the old man ran out, the results not only didn’t have any loss, nursing home old people are also showing their greater understanding, no conflicts and disputes, the result is impossible in reality, what’s more, smoke alarm and fire sprinkler, smoke alarm water will start at work,This detail was also completely ignored by the show.Besides Gu Qingyu and shi Yuan, give a person the feeling that two people are in order to meet the scriptwriter’s requirements forced break up.Even a man with self-respect and dignity would not be so resistant to his wife’s help if he had no way out, and would rather return his wife’s money first than endure the stickers and red paint from collectors?The reason of two people divorce is because of misunderstanding, Gu Qingyu lost his job.This matter is actually very simple, shiyuan if really want to protect Gu Qingyu, why not go to the three companies to make things clear, this is not difficult to explain it!Newest one concentration, with shi yuan after divorce, Gu Qingyu turned a head to accept the pursuit of exhibition xiang, this setting is also very outrageous, a man who chased you for so many years, accept him after all because of what?The TV series did not give a reasonable explanation, and this setting, I think is to highlight the follow-up Gu Qingyu and Feng Xiaoqin want to fight for Zhan Xiang and set, really more and more dog blood.And in terms of design, almost everyone in “Inside House” is broken.There are so many characters in the play, and few of the main characters are likable.Feng Xiaoqin lost a few episodes before her husband died, in order to buy a house to force her husband to borrow money, hide the fact that she has a son Danian, heart and soul in Shanghai to take care of the little tiger, on danian neglect to raise and take care of, such a mother image, no matter how self-reliance are difficult to recover.Gu Qingyu and Shi Yuan are the same, one is pretentious, has been taking a kind of arrogance, the other is holding poor self-esteem, the result who are sorry.And the old people in the family, except Gu Qingyu’s father, the other people are disgusting appearance, even the grandmother of the family also asked feng Xiaoqin in the tone of questioning, too exaggerated, dog blood.As for the other supporting characters, gu Xin’s cheating on Feng Qianxi was also infuriating, as netizens criticized the series for not having good values, and its portrayal of women was both offensive and hard to empathise with.At this point in the show, with three episodes left, it feels like no matter what the writers and directors try to salvage, it’s going to be hard to wrap things up properly, don’t you think?