Hao Junmin, former captain of the National football team, asked wuhan for salary: I didn’t ask you for a penny when I came

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Wu Junmin (@Haozai), former head of China national Football Team, asked wuhan Zole Professional Football Club for his salary on his micro blog at noon today (February 16).”When will I get the salary bonus I owe me?You have to fool me!Push me!I didn’t ask you to spend a penny in the middle of the year. I didn’t ask you for a penny.Salary is your commitment to solve at the end of the year, said before the end of the year before the New Year, said after the New Year before the New Year, is this enterprise culture?I gave everything I had to my hometown team.Is that how you have no integrity?Have some mutual respect!Thank you very much!In the world, little is achieved by doing nothing; half is achieved by doing something for profit; half is achieved by motivating and forcing.”Wu junmin wrote “@” to Tian Xudong, director and vice president of Wuhan Zall Professional Football Club, zall Holding Co., LTD., and Yan Zhi, chairman of Zall Holding Co., LTD.Born in 1987 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, The midfielder was selected to China’s national team for the first time in 2005 and was elected captain of the national team in 2020.Min played for Schalke 04 in the German first division and in the Chinese Super League, while Min joined Tianjin Teda and Shandong Luneng before moving back to Wuhan in July 2021.Hsiao jun-min also played in the national team’s match against Vietnam on Feb 1.2021 season, according to the @ soccer daily official weibo CSL, clubs are in trouble, more comprehensive news shows that only harbor team, hristo, henan team, and from dalian team there is no wage arrears phenomenon, guangzhou, November 28, chongqing team, team Qingdao team and particularly difficult guinness tigers, or rather, exposed more difficult.Miao Yuan (@Miao Yuan Mark) commented on Xiao Min’s salary negotiation: “Xiao Min joined Wuhan Zall as a free agent. Shandong Taishan gave the green light to the transfer, which shows the atmosphere and style of Shandong people. I didn’t expect this result from Wuhan.It’s not only the captain of the national football team who can’t get paid, but also the coach.”Miao yuan also said, “Wuhan Zhuoer is also sad, wuhan three towns announced yesterday to change guns for guns, the future will be settled in the new stadium event, a vibrant new atmosphere, the next day Zhuoer side was the captain of the National football team to ask for salary…””The day of Wuhan football will change”.