Luoyang Municipal Party committee theory study center group held a collective study to bring innovation to the industry and industry to the wind

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Luoyang municipal committee of the theoretical study hold on the collective learning innovation on industrial group The industry land on tuyere presided over the upper changjiang region ling and speech Zhi-zhen ye, xu clothing show, Yang Bingxu Hu Hai the culture report to attend on February 17th, luoyang municipal party committee held theoretical study group collective learning, and carry out general secretary xi about technology innovation and industrial development,Experts will be invited to give special guidance reports on leading industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation and vigorously developing the tuyere industry, so as to promote the leading cadres to further strengthen the awareness of innovation and industry, and constantly improve the professional ability to do a good job in economic work under the new situation.Jiang Ling, provincial Standing Committee member and Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Committee, presided over and delivered a speech.Xu Yixian, Yang Bingxu and other officials attended.During the group study, Ye Zhizhen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of academic Committee of School of Materials Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University, gave a guidance report on the Supporting Role of Scientific and technological Innovation in Economic Development.Hu Haiping, chairman of the Board of Teachers (Beijing) Information Technology Co., LTD., gave a guidance report on “Operational Investment Attraction” in the era of smart Economy.We have said, coaching report industry forefront of technological innovation and the future development, combining the reality of luoyang industry transformation, puts forward the pertinence, many forward-looking, constructive opinion suggestion, informative, simple and inspired, lead to further strengthen innovation consciousness, improve the ability of industry development has a strong guiding significance.Jiang Ling pointed out in his speech that in the new stage of development, technological innovation and tuyere industry have become an important driving force for Luoyang’s modernization.Luoyang has a good scientific research foundation and industrial foundation. In order to seize the opportunity in the new round of reconstruction of regional economic layout, it must seize the draught of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development and take the road of innovation-led development.All levels and government departments should adhere to the main strategy of innovation-led development, better coordinate scientific and technological innovation with industrial upgrading, truly put innovation at the forefront of industries, and strive to open up new horizons of transformational and high-quality development.Jiang stressed that the tuyere industry should be the main outlet of quasi-industrial development, seize new opportunities in the development of tuyere industries such as the “dual carbon” economy, digital economy, life and health, culture, tourism and creative industries, accelerate the transformation of traditional industries into tuyere industries, and make every effort to develop the tuyere industry.It is necessary to find out luoyang’s position in the tuyere industry, base on the industrial base, change the concept of thinking, face the industrial tuyere, and strive to enter the key ring of the tuyere industry, and lay out new tuyere industry in advance, so as to cultivate more growth points and strive for greater initiative in the future development.We should attach great importance to the capital market, do a good job in the investment and financing of the tuyere industry, explore the establishment of a diversified investment and financing system of “guiding fund + market-oriented fund + investment and loan linkage”, be adept at leveraging private capital through market-oriented means, pool talents, science and technology and other innovative resources on a larger scale, and support and expand a number of tuyere enterprises as soon as possible.It is necessary to strengthen entrepreneurial thinking, establish marketization awareness, precisely carry out special training for leading cadres and entrepreneurs, focus on cultivating professional abilities and qualities suitable for the new stage of development, and constantly promote Luoyang to achieve greater breakthroughs in the development of the tuyale-driven industry.The group study will be held in the form of video, each county set up a sub-venue.Members of the Theoretical Learning Center of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, responsible comrades from relevant municipal departments, and responsible comrades from some enterprises in charge of Luoyang province, scientific research institutes, large enterprises and colleges and universities attended the main meeting.Source: Luoyang