Our flag and Beijing Votellong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. signed the investment cooperation framework agreement for the planting project of selenium-rich mushroom

2022-05-21 0 By

A Lihui, Ajiang Dabing, Wang Xingyang, Ma Aifei and relevant officials of Beijing Wotellong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD attended the pairing meeting between Oroqen Autonomous Banner and Beijing Wotellong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD.Selenium-rich mushroom fungus cultivation project investment cooperation framework agreement is signed, will push me flag selenium-rich mushroom fungus industry chain strong chain, realize the edible fungus industry across development, I flag will be set up special service deputy team, actively provide investment enterprise with high quality administrative service, accelerate the dock with the superior departments, to do the follow-up work, actively promote the project starts early, early construction, early production,We will contribute to China’s rural revitalization and achieve win-win cooperation.Source: Banner Government Office editor: Zhao Yang Supervised review: Fan Dongmei Final review: Du Peng Supervised production: Guo Yue Reprint please indicate source Oroqen Autonomous Banner Rong Media Center