With whom to spend the weekend: sunshine, Holly, me

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Paced article | Pan Yuyi had lunch on the weekend, I came to the balcony.On the balcony was a table, a chair, and stacks of incredible books.My body fell, leaning on the back of the chair, has not sat, stretched out his hand, accurately from the stacks of su vicissitudes of life “on paper”.Since I bought this book last year, I have read 50 or 60 pages, very like, looking at, I will be fascinated, unwilling to take my eyes away.On the south and west sides of the balcony are Windows, through which people in the house can see people and things outside, and people outside can also see books and me inside.In the middle of the day, the sun shines brightly outside, and some of them run out onto the balcony, warming the ground and the paper.The warmth made people more reluctant to move.However, reading in the sun for a long time makes my eyes sore, so I changed my chair to face the house and back to the sun.Read wonderful place, suddenly found that there is a half head fall on the paper, I turn it also follow turn a head, I bow it also follow bow.After thinking for a moment, I couldn’t help laughing. It was my own shadow, but I always felt that the sun had sneaked in and rubbed against my book.I close the book straight body, a ray of sunshine agley fall on the feet, the scenery is to fall into the eye: two metres away from me, there is a blue plastic stools, stool in a white plastic flower POTS, POTS with Holly, several flowers, leaves, only the skinny branches and sparse red fruit, it is simple and plain, lining the edge of the beige curtain cloth, unexpectedlyThere is a different kind of beauty.In fact, I know Holly is only two years ago, but when we met, we felt as if we had met an old friend, and we felt indescribable closeness.When the florist’s circle of friends saw it for the first time, it seemed to them that it was different from the lush, dense foliage of other plants, and from the delicate deciduous trees that fell rustling to the ground when the wind blew.If compared with people, it looks like a clean and capable young man, neither a rich man, nor a tramp’s sloppy, clean and refreshing, so that life does not give a trace of disgust.Every time I saw Holly, either in a florist’s shop or in someone’s circle of friends, there were only red fruits and brown branches, but no green leaves.There was a time when I thought the greenness of Holly was not its color, but its vitality.Wait until I turned some information to know that Holly was a kind of evergreen trees, and it is not as low as we see every day, according to the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia, adult Holly can even be as high as more than ten meters, unfortunately, failed to have a chance to see.However, this still does not prevent me to like Holly.I took two pictures of it and posted them on Wechat with the caption: “Who to spend the weekend with, Sunshine, Holly, me?”In a short time, it received a lot of likes.We all have the same preference for Holly.Outside, the sun is perfect, inside, Holly is perfect.At this time, my mood is just right!