First certificate done!Lichuan city real estate registration services to the township extension see results

2022-05-23 0 By

On February 16, Lichuan city, the first by the township land resources accepted, the city real estate registration center issued the certificate of real estate rights fresh out.It is reported that this is enshi prefecture real estate registration business extended to the township after the successful handling of the first card, truly realize the service “doorstep do”.Wendouzhen is one of the most remote towns in Lichuan City. Previously, people could only go to the urban real estate registration center for real estate certificates, and it took a day or two to return.The real estate registration Center of the city’s Natural Resources and Planning Bureau actively connects with the People’s Government of Wendouzhen, and takes the lead in opening the convenience service of real estate registration in the city through multi-party coordination of the People’s government of Wendouzhen.Nowadays, people who go to the township real estate registration service points can directly apply for the registration, so that the registration can be done nearby and faster with less travel.At the convenience window of Wendouzhen Land and Resources Institute, the staff provides the whole process service for the service objects.△ Sign to confirm the smooth issuance of the first certificate, the realization of the real estate registration service “do nearby”, further convenient grassroots people, at the same time for other towns to open this business can provide a copy of the experience.According to the person in charge of the real estate registration center of the city, the next step, the city will set up real estate registration in other towns and villages, and lichuan city real estate registration platform connectivity, so that the masses can handle real estate registration without villages and towns, get through to serve the masses “the last kilometer”.Extending real estate registration services to townships is just a microcosm of the city’s natural resources and planning Bureau’s efforts to improve the business environment.To make the best business environment, the city’s natural resources and planning bureau of real estate registration centre on distress sorrow are problems for people and companies, from the compressed real estate registration deadline, the villages and towns and extension services, enhance the capacity of online services, the promotion of electronic certification, strengthen information sharing, improve the enterprise communication mechanism, improve real estate registration and other aspects of convenience degree,We will continue to optimize convenience measures, continue to extend services, and implement more convenient, efficient and considerate services, so that a sound business environment will become the “first step” to accelerate development, and provide stronger support for economic and social development.