For this was what being touched by the master meant in the eyes of Samoya

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Concern, a health science pet original article, do not plagiarize.Samoye is very lovely, many people like the head of Rua Samoye, so in the eyes of Samoye, being touched by the master, what is the meaning?Originally in the eyes of Samoya, being touched by the master, there are the following meanings, its heart is really much!1. “What a great massage!”Every time the owner touches Samoye’s head, he presses the acupuncture point on the dog’s head with a little bit of force, which makes Samoye feel comfortable.So in the eyes of Samoye, the owner often touch its head, may be to help it massage, a lot of times, it may also take the initiative to rub your head, begging you to touch it!2. “Master loves me!”Some pet owners really love their samoya and raise it as if it were their own child, so they often pet the dog’s head with affection.Samoya can feel the master’s tenderness and love. In samoya’s eyes, the master often touches its head, which means he likes it very much.3. “The master is greeting me.”If you touch Samoyed’s head every time you leave the house or come home and say, “I’m leaving” or “I’m back.”So in Samoya’s eyes, when the owner touches its head, he is greeting it.Most of the time, Samoye will not be willing to leave the home of the master, will take the initiative to block the master, do not let the master go, hoping that the master stay with him.4. “Master wants me!”If the owner starts by stroking the dog’s head from the front, blocking the dog’s view, the dog cannot see the owner’s hand, and it is very insecure.So in Samoyed’s eyes, the owner stroked its head in an attempt to subdue it!If your Samoya is willing to be touched by you, it recognizes you and is willing to submit to you!5. “Master is praising me!”Many times, when Samoyed behaved well and was obedient, the master would touch his head and say to him, “Good boy, good boy,” etc., so in the eyes of Samoyed, the master would touch his head and praise him.Dogs will be even happier if their owners reward them with treats.6. “My master is grooming me!”If the owner often rua Samoyed hair, also holding a comb, the hair of samoyed down, then in the eyes of Samoyed, the owner touch its head, may be trying to coax it, want to help it comb.Your dog will cooperate with you if your master’s grooming effort is just right!Samoye is very hairy and loses a lot of hair. If you want to alleviate the loss of dog hair, it is best to choose a low-salt light dog food as the staple food, which can alleviate the loss of hair problem.Conclusion: does your Samoyed like to make you rua head?