Good position | Licheng County: small grid big feelings

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They are not only the “investigator” of epidemic investigation, but also the “propagandist” of protection knowledge, the “persuader” of home quarantine, but also the “waiter” of daily life.At 8:30 in the morning, the accumulated overnight chill has not dissipated, grid member Guo Chao has started the day’s inspection on time.”Three were registered this morning?Zhao Chaoqi is hainan come back this?Inner Mongolia this registration?Report, remember to register these two people, Zhang Zhipeng, Duan Aifang…””During the period of the outbreak, we grid member first play” cooked cooked, people cooked, “the characteristics of” advocate “for being a good epidemic prevention and control, and notice posted by telephone, WeChat, visits a variety of ways, let the owner in a timely manner to understand the epidemic prevention and control of close dynamic information, the first part is being a good epidemic prevention and control of screening,Second, for those who have been quarantined at home, we will visit them every day to make sure they are at home. Third, we will ask them if they have any difficulties in life, so we can help them in time.”Guo Chao said to reporters.Conor is responsible for the grid has 472 households, more than 1000 resident population, 7 days a week, she needs to be on foot will be responsible for the residents to visit one by one, the grid city management, safety production, livelihood of the people within the transaction situation immediately reported to relevant departments, such as the Spring Festival approaching, a large number of migrant workers and school personnel returning, population mobility increased, epidemic spread risk increase,In the prevention and control of the epidemic, Guo Chao is full of spirit, dare not slacken.Grid member Guo Chao kindly inquired: “Feed!Is it Zhang Hailing? This morning, the hospital informed you to do nucleic acid test. Have you done it?Are we all in home quarantine?Is there any difficulty in living at home? What do you need to buy?”Post epidemic prevention notices, send reminder messages, conduct daily house-to-house checks and solve difficulties in time…..Due to the particularity of her work, in order to ensure an accurate grasp of the information of the grid masses, Guo Chao had to enter the house in time when everyone was having a rest. Most of her working hours were early corruption and underground. Facing the special work attributes, she did not complain or pass the buck, but actively adjusted her attitude to serve the community masses.”Hard work is hard, but also is not I a person in battle, everybody joint effort, under such an outbreak, the zone under the condition of spreading, we can not try to be a family, one person to win the war, the prevention and control of epidemic that all community residents can feel the party and the government’s care and warmth, this is the meaning we fight.”Guo Chao earnestly and firmly said.It is her duty to solve the problems for the residents, and the work card is her service card. When the people encounter problems, she will try her best to think of ways!In the work of conscientious and conscientious, Guo Chao helps everybody to deal with life difficult problem with action, dissolved the incomprehension of the masses and doubt, in praise and approbate frequently, be called affectionately by everybody “xiao Guo runs an errand”.Referring to the grid staff, resident Zhang Lianjiao said to the point: “They do a good job in this work, careful and warm, door-to-door registration several times, some elderly people do not know how to handle mobile phones, she helped to do, very good.””She is very enthusiastic and she is very careful in her work. Every time I see her, SHE is happy to help us solve problems.”Resident Yang Suxia was satisfied with the grid worker’s service.Grid community, big and small, solve the problem is not out of the ordinary, throughout the county, there are many grid members like Guo Chao, they seriously play the grass-root forefront role, with a bit of effort, the “precise prevention and control” to implement the details, for the better life of the people add points add color.”In 2021, the county party committee county government actively response to the central, provincial party committee, the municipal party committee of general grid construction requirements, in our county divides the 247 grid, strong with optimal 41 community full-time grid, 206 rural grid, realizing a complete coverage of the general grid, service the zero distance, so far, the cumulative screen door more than 20 units, more than 50 people,The screening of 4,284 anti-Lebanon personnel out of high-risk areas, 1,102 anti-Lebanon personnel, they brave the labor, brave the cold, for our epidemic prevention and control work to guard the first line of defense.”Licheng county contradiction dispute investigation and mediation center director Peng Biwen said.Source | Li Cheng melt reporters | Huang Zhaojun Jiang Jinhui edit | | qin day audit Han Yan producer | YueLan